Which logo designing you should prefer? Get a helpful insight.
19th Sep 2013
What makes brand worth remembering? Well, there might be many factors but, the most immediate thing that comes to our mind is its logo and the way it is promoted to make people remembering it. Branding a logo in most creative fashion has become the reason of existence for today’s marketers and brand managers.

Hey,watch out!!
Feeling very delighted and contented with your logo, you might think that you are among the most best serving entity on earth, but, at the spot you came to know your rival is coming out with something more interesting and innovate, just pouring out a splash onto your dream. That’s why smart marketers never stop,they keep on moving towards probing out most competitive strategies and customer touch points that their adversaries can’t even think so.Your logo designing and online promotion could be most helpful in this case.

This blog post aims to tell you some interesting facts regarding Text versus Abstract logo designing and which one would be suitable for your entity. Let’s check out:-

What logo do your brands have?
There could be different ways to present your brand name in front of your audience depending upon you that how much spice are you going to add in. Those marketers who want to make themselves easily recall back, instantly acknowledge, lil descriptive and let their audience free of any sort of perplexities,are increasingly making use of text logos, that are completely brand name- centric and let the customer free of any sort of memorization, as they can spontaneously recognize it. Most prominently, PepsiCo, HP, Starbucks, who don’t know these giants!

Logos could be silent too
On the contrary, there also exists one silent form of logo that are abstract logos, requiring no words, no impressions and just playing around catchy symbols with amazing colors. They are best chose by those marketers or brands who want to remain curious and want to create a hype for their products and then, suddenly bringing out a big blast as, they are most imaginative, easy to interpretate, most classy and greatly differs from each other.

Hmm, so now what would you be choosing for your logo? Get help in your decision making via our blog.

Are you strategizing your Agile Marketing?
4th Sep 2013
If someone asks to describe Agile marketing, then the best response would be “CHANGE MANAGEMENT”. It’s been are regular practice of the smart and optimistic marketers to keep an eye on their organizational practices by listening and responding to their customers, rather than cooking out Hodge spots of unpredictable thinking and trends. They work just practically!!
This blog post has highlighted out some of the milestones that if worked upon could bring out great marketing results, in terms of customer satisfaction. So, hey! Today’s marketers, just try out these:

Make your organization a running one
Your organizational culture is the one that can conveys your overall business personality and acts as a door of promotion to new approaches like: agile marketing. The place where openness to new experience along with dynamism among employees is encouraged, agile marketing make its roots at such dynamics. These collaborative teams just need a true leader to gauge through their effort and not bounding themselves by any risk.

Be a risk taker
Why big conglomerates like Apple, Microsoft, and GM Motors etc. have touched the skies of success? Why just these leading names only? Because, they have never bounded them under any resource constraints and have practiced out the real marketing through conquering their customers.

Your people are your assets
You have structure; you have budget, but what if you don’t have anyone who could harness these two? It’s your people, your effort full marketing team.Let them go beyond across the boundaries to probe out tech masterpieces along with innovation and you would be one of the big marketers. Trust this. Practices brain storming sessions to boost up your creative team.

Why you didn’t plan?
Mostly marketer’s fails because they haven’t planed themselves accordingly to deal with any upcoming issues.They behave more unsighted instead of being more far –sighted. Result? Your rivals touching out moon leaving you behind in the race.

Are you effectively listening to your customers? You sure?
Being an agile marketer or even a small retailer, who don’t want to reach out its customer demands in most compelling way but, are your offerings enough satisfying their needs? Let your customers rule over you. Try to integrate into your customers most through every means whether, social or non-social, build your networks.

For long term success, continuous measurement of critical success factors along with their effective monitoring is required. One of such key factors is to keep up with your metrics like: customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and churn rate to track out your performance.

Cherish out your effective Agile marketing Oman E-commerce strategy and consultancy, where we are hoping to get yourself attached with us. Stay blessed :)

26th July 2013
If you want to know the real worth of a brand then, pursues a marketer, he would let you know its meaningful significance and power that branding withholds for its customers and also promoters. Building just an identity is not a big task but, carrying and managing it in an un challenged, completely novel way is a task that needs to be appreciated, especially in today’s cold war of brands and the level of trust and devotion that consumers put onto a brand that further sustain its Performa.

Successful brand building is the key to winning SEO platform and results in long term relationship with customers and an unbreakable bond that would divert them more towards these brands. It is an observed reality that regardless of the nature of your entity, search engine optimization requires a reputable brand name in fact, they go side by side resulting in ranking brand identity as one of the top ranking factor that should be tailored in, as it has the ultimate power to make or mar a product.

Today ‘s web searchers are somewhat more brand driven rather than search driven , they have an in-depth preference to explore about a particular brand, its offerings and the pros and corns that it entails , therefore, complementing your brand with SEO would produce extraordinary results far more than your expectations. This leads towards accelerating the prominence and indulgence of a trusted domain name at your web page because today‘s users have become so much privacy and conviction conscious that they could simply ignore your page if they won’t find any of the domain name they have heard of!

Summing up the topic in a nutshell, what is required on part of domain is the creation of a sound and dependable brand identity that could value their SEO practices rather than just putting focus on providing merely edifying content because branding without SEO is like fish out of water and one could be seriously imposed to deep trouble on overlooking these vital practices.

Dubai SEO services are emerging as a leader in leading SEO practices by keeping the element of branding under consideration to meet your demands perfectly. Don’t worry about rates; we worry about your priorities and strive to fulfill them through pleasing work, dedicated crew and cost effective mode.

Six important strategies for Mobile Marketing
18th June 2013
As people are getting more and more dependent on their smartphones to interact with their favorite brand, the need to develop an effective mobile marketing strategy has also risen. Developing an app for your brand is good, but it’s not enough. You should also have a clear and defined strategy that attracts new customers and maintains the interest of your loyal customers. To help you go mobile, digital agencies in Dubai suggests some key strategies for your mobile marketing plan. Take a look.

Text Messages
Text message has become an essential part of communication, so sending out text messages is the best way to tell customers about your promotions and latest offerings. Text reminders are easiest way to send and receive information, and stay connected with the brand.

Polls and Surveys
If customer’s opinion, response and feedback are highly important for you, then you should add surveys and polls in your mobile marketing campaign. Sending polls and surveys on mobile devices will help you understand them better. This will also help in building trust within your brand.

Every customer loves to get reward. Offering freebies or sweepstakes will keep the customers loyal to your brand and persuade them to follow it.

Push Notifications
Wouldn’t it be nice, if you could remind a customer to buy from you whenever he is passing by your store? It would be! To push notification to customers at the right time, you should use geo location technology that monitors customers within the identified area and send text notifications about your offers automatically.

Social Integration
Don’t forget to make your mobile strategies social. Add all the leading social networks in your mobile campaign and encourage your customers to like, tweet and share your products and deals.

How to prepare for Google upcoming algorithm updates?
17th June 2013
Penguin 4 has rolled out, but this is not all Google has planned to release this year. As highlighted by Matt Cutts, Google’s well-known engineer, the search giant will release numerous changes this year. You can expect Google to perform some changes in Penguin, Panda and Author Authority. If you want to know how to prepare your site for it, SEO UAE Agency is here to explain it to you.

Audit your Links
The next generation of Penguin update is said to go deeper to impact your site. It won’t let the already affected sites rise up in SERPs and target the paid link schemes as well. The first step to get ready is to perform a detailed link audit. Keep an eye on your SEO Company, if you don’t know what strategies they are using to acquire links for your site, ask them about their plan. Make sure their strategies meet the rules set by Google.

Remove links from spammy sites and directories
Google offers no place to low quality blog networks and directories. They are expected to get penalized by Google soon. So give extraordinary attention to links from spammy sites while auditing and remove them right away. Links that are acquired for a fee or without any approval process are dangerous- get rid of them.

Revise your link building practices
Throw all the old fashioned and outdated link building practices in the bin and play within the boundaries of white hat strategies. Take all possible measures to ensure site’s security.

Use high quality Content
Content is the king and it will always rule Google’s kingdom. Add content marketing to your SEO campaign and focus more on generating original and informative content. Don’t forget to register yourself as Author or Publisher in Google’s eyes.

Wipe all the existing problems
Google won’t come to you to tell you about algorithm updates personally. It pushes them without any notice. An easy way to avoid penalties is to keep checking your site’s issues. Sign in to your Google Webmaster Tool account and check all the technicalities, be it the XML sitemap, crawl errors, index status, page loading time or keywords. Review each section properly and fix the issues (if you have any.)

How marketing is changing the way we design sites
15th June 2013
Marketing strategies improve the visibility of products and bring profit, but have they changed the way we design websites? Yes. Web design trends and industry are heavily influenced by marketing. Just pick up any website from the swarm, you will find it selling something—be it an idea, product or service. In today’s article our marketing agency Dubai will focus on some of the ways, in which marketing has affected web designs.

Video and visual are important
In the era of visual delight, marketers are highly dependent on infographics and videos for marketing their products and services. Video sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo and apps like Vine are going mainstream so web designers have to work hard to provide room for visual content without effecting the overall performance. This addition of visual elements is creating great impact on website design.

Highlighting social channels
Marketers say social media has become more and more important during the past few months. It has altered the way brands interact with their customers and prospects. This change has created a direct impact on the way we design websites. Many companies use their website as the foundation of online brand’s universe. They use it to inform customers about social networks they are on, make their content sharable and add reviews in website.

Mobile optimization
Mobile searches has increased over the past few years so designers are forced to make their websites mobile-centric. A new approach introduced with the mobile revolution is responsive design. Responsive design helps a website adopt the screensize, regardless of the device a visitor is using.

UX centered design
User Interface is a significant part of website design. Since the goal of marketing is to encourage action, web designers have to emphasize on it through their designs.

Brand Marketing: What type of products should you brand with Vine?
11th June 2013
If you are true tech geek, you will be aware of the power of Vine. For those who are living under the rock, Vine is Twitter’s extremely popular social video app that has enthralled techies and brands with its 6 second video making capability. The new social service makes visual engagement effective and powerful, much more than Instagram and Pinterest. You can also utilize its potential by branding your products and services. If you are wondering what kind of products will give the best results when used with Vine, our branding agency Dubai has shared a brief guide for it. Explore.

Food Products
If you run a food chain or restaurant, Vine can help you advertise your products in a much appealing and tempting way than Instagram or any other app. Just image a smoke billowing from sizzling steaks and your favorite cheesy pizza, aren’t they tantalizing your taste buds? Vine makes the food ads most interesting, delicious and mouthwatering.

New and unique gadgets keeping coming daily and they are not going to stop any time soon. When brands release their smartphones, tablets or hybrid devices they have to showcase how they function, this is where Vine can help. The Twitter branded popular social app enables brands to display the prowess of their gadgets, their features appropriately and help customers in making decisions.

People buy lots of clothes online, just by looking at the picture. Vine can boost the sales if used for quick demonstration of the dresses. These videos also help in promoting your clothes on Facebook and Twitter.

Vehicles are difficult to buy just by looking at their pictures. That’s why automobile owners prepare a video demonstration from inside and outside the car. Vine can help in preparing these videos in a loop.

Baby Products
Parents are very selective about their baby’s products, be it cribs, toys or other items. They make sure every item safe and appropriate for your child. Vine videos will help them understand how to use that product.

Brand companies in Dubai handle your products with care, but if you want to perform this task yourself, Vine is a great app to help you.

Tips to cure back pain of web designers and developers
10th June 2013
Computers experts, especially web designers and developers work on computers for several hours. This excessive use can lead to back and neck pain. The problem arises when you don’t take care of your posture and slouch down from the chair. If you are a web developer Dubai struggling with this pain, here are some basic tips to help you out.

Get the Right Chair
Having a back pain is not always the fault of posture; it can also result because of the wrong chair. A well- designed and well-adjusted office chair can help you remain in good posture throughout the day. Wood and fiber based chairs, and recliners are very famous among computer users. No matter what type of chair you use, make sure it has armrests, adjustable height and leg rest. Set it according to your height, resting eye level and type of work.

Improve your posture
If you sit wrongly on the right chair, no one can save you from the itching back pain. Once you have got the perfect tool to sit, focus on your posture and start improving it. Sit up tall, keep your keyboard close to you and tilt it if it is little far from the position otherwise not. Make sure the monitor is at least a distance of arm’s length to maintain the clear vision. Use wrist rests and check the position of your screen.

Take a break
Breaks are essential during the prolonged hectic work on computers. It relaxes your eyes, minds and keeps you fresh throughout the day. Take a break of 2 minutes after every 20 minutes and walk around your office.

Keep exercising
Exercises refresh your mood, stamina and quality of life so don’t wait for a problem to start them. Stretch your hands and elbows for 8-10 seconds every hour. Turn your neck sideways and straighten your legs and roll your wrist clockwise and anti-clockwise. Walk whenever you get time, these simple exercise will reduce the stiffness and make you feel better.

Tips to Design Interesting Error Pages
8th June 2013
No matter how many resources you have used to keep your site run smoothly, it can still go down. This down time can act as a bummer and cast a negative impact on users. Don’t you want to encourage visitors to look for something else on your site instead of moving away? If yes, you need to design a creative and useful 404 Error page! Here are some tips that our web design Dubai Company uses for designing such pages.

Keep consistency in design
The 404 Error page should look like a part of your website design. It is extremely necessary to keep consistency in error page design. It should have logo, navigation and color scheme etc. An error page that lacks these features may appear bland to users.

Make it useful
You can reduce the anguish of 404 error by making a useful page. There are many ways to optimize the default error page. You can add search form, list of popular posts or archive, link back to homepage, have problem specific error pages and report a broken link. Many popular websites like NewYork Times have got effective Error pages.

Don’t be afraid to use humor
How can you make your website error page appealing? Think out of the box and don’t fret to use humor for your page message. Make your readers laugh and inspire them to check other pages of websites.

Be Friendly and Understandable
Your readers may or may not be familiar with what is a 404 error. Explain them about it in simple and friendly style. Avoid using jargons.

Keep it casual
Keep your 404 error page casual and funny. Try to make it stick in reader’s minds. If they like the page too much, they search it will deliberately.

Inform visitors about the progress of the maintenance
If there is some maintenance pending for your site, choose the time when your site has lowest conversion rates. It’s wise to inform visitors about it in advance and when the site will be back up.

Last but not the least, don’t forget to add your Error page in Robot.txt so it is not crawled and indexed by search engines.

Tips to design Successful Business cards
7th June 2013
Do think Business cards still matters in the world of internet? Yes, they do because they are as simple and powerful as ever. Business cards are incredibly effective and internationally recognized technique of spreading contact information. It is a marketing tool that may seem a little outdated at first but can do wonders for your business. If you want to utilize the true potential, design successful business cards. Our Graphic design agency in Dubai has shared its secret tips to help newbies, take a look at them.

What size of business card do you want for your business? Usually business cards are available in 2.0×3.5 inches. Do you want to stick to it or try something else? There is a plethora of different sizes and shapes available on the web from micro business card to square business card that gives height to typical size.

Like every other thing, typography is extremely important for business cards. You should choose two different fonts for your cards, one for heading and other for body. Make sure your information is readable and appealing.

Design your business card according to your profession. If you are a designer, you should choose something catchy, creative and artistic; if you are a lawyer you should select a sober, sophisticated design for your card.

Images and Color Scheme
You can add images according to your profession. Photographers and artist should add a nice image so their card can work as a portfolio also. Test different color schemes, ask for feedback and choose the best one.

Business information
Make your brand name and tagline prominent in the business card. Don’t let the reader struggle to get your information. Focus on your branding and provide all the essential contact details like your contact number, office address, email and website.

Printing format and material
Business card format is also important; make sure it is in CMYK printing format so that all your colors look great after printing. Once it is ready, select a right material for it. Select appropriate material like textured, matte, glossy, torn or perforated edges.

Make an impression
Once your card is ready, release it in the market to get feedback and appreciation.

How to Increase Website Traffic Utilizing Social Networking Platforms
Why is it so significant to find out how to increase website traffic? Without traffic, your business website cannot generate money or attain the customers who are looking for your products or services. Providentially, social networking sites can help.

Many individuals use websites and blogs as a way to produce a passive form of earnings or to promote their offline business. In order to do this, they expend some time creating good content, linking and possibly adding some affiliate programs to the blend.
When it is all done, though, you still need one very imperative thing–traffic!

You can have the finest website in the world crammed with relevant content but if no one ever sees it, there will be no pecuniary results. This is one area where social media platforms can help boost website traffic.

If you are going to update anything with your business online, you should have a Twitter account. If you are unfamiliar using Twitter, it is a social media stage in which you congregate followers and follow your desired posters. These can be your neighbor, best friend, celebrity or just someone you happened transversely on the internet.

Once you have an account you place little bits of information or straight them to helpful information on your website. If the content is motivating to your followers, you will soon find a high-quality deal of increased traffic on your website.
The researchers also show that people are more expected to buy products and services from a company that they follow on Twitter. This makes it a very good-looking marketing tool.

The most-famous and popular social podium today is Facebook. If you are contributing in web marketing, this platform could be very supportive to your accomplishment Take a start by creating your profile and preferably a business page that highlights your business of oman web design.

After that initiate gathering friends; these will be people that can view your profile, comment on your page and greatest of all check out all the original stuff on your company website. This technique alone can drive fantastic amounts of traffic to your website or blog. More traffic usually means more business!

It is vital to comprehend that in order to actually make this work you will have to be an active contributor on Facebook. You are structuring your business through relationships. Encourage your links but do not overlook to reciprocate by commenting, linking and sharing what others are doing as well.

Get Started!
Simply you don’t have to contribute on every social network. It would be well again to be a vigorous participant in a couple of excellent networks than to just have an account on them and not at all really interrelate with your prospective customers or clients.

Follow up with Twitter and Facebook and then move on to others like YouTube, LinkedIn or others when you have the occasion. The venture of time that you put into social media will pay off in more website traffic and more business!

How a Great Design Can Subconsciously Influence Your Audience
The design of your website is going to make a much superior blow than you realize. While the conscious elements like layout, content, and usability will matter, there are also unconscious ways that your audience can be exaggerated by your oman web design. When people first come to your website, they will take in all of their environs. They will make a mindful decision as to whether they want to keep reading and study more based on their intuitive reaction to the design of the site. Your objective is to create a website that is designed so that people are intrigued and want to hang about to see what you have to offer.

When an individual views your website, reads your content, navigates the site, interrelates with your business, and gets concerned in other ways, their subconscious is continually evaluating what they are doing and how they like the practices that they are having. People are affected by everything from visual petition to the actual words on your site, as well as their individual thoughts and preceding experiences with websites that they have visited. When it comes to illustration appeal, you have to use something that makes people feel encouraged and welcome. A sparkling, easy-to-navigate design will magnetize much bigger viewers than a messy, overly busy website. There are even explicit colors that people counter to better than others, if you want to exploit the subconscious effect that your website has.

The words on your site (the content) are also going to be a constituent of your design that concerns people. What people read is going to affect their sensations, even if it is only on a unintentional level. The content that you make needs to provide people with the prospect to experience optimistic emotions, communicate to your company, and understand where you are coming from or what you pretend to offer. Use simple words and a relaxed tone that is appealing and tempting to your audience, no matter what you are trying to bring about with your content.

Even straightforward elements like the right placement in your design and the use of white space can influence the subconscious of your viewers. If things are appropriately aligned, they look cleaner, more specialized, and more visually appealing. At the same time, using white space draws people’s concentration to the content that is on your site, and subconsciously makes people experience like they are not being inundated with information. Designing websites is not rocket science, but there are things like these that you have to judge in creating your design. The superior effect you have on the subconscious of your audience, the more expected they are to get concerned with your business in the end, after all.

Design Attractive Websites
Are you unconvinced?
Online market is getting fierce day by day. And as all the e-world depends on websites, there is a huge demand of designing firms all around the world. This has led to appearance of websites design firm offering company website designs and all calling them one of the best. That’s when of the new clients get in the trap of such companies as he does not know the criteria through which he can select a design agency for his business. They don’t know the benchmark through which a professional company can be chosen. That is why one can find many clients not satisfied by their design agency and claiming they were charged too much by those so called website designing company though they didn’t received the result they were promised off.

We are different
In this current situation created by some website design firms, ADWEB Studio is the odd one. Our professional oman seo services that solely believe in delivering not just what just we have pledged for but this company feels pride in giving you some extra. That is the reason that from the beginning this company is fully satisfying its customers. As a professional in designing a website we not just know the touchstone for a designing websites firm but this company has a tradition of fulfilling all standards set by W3C but also search engines. With a team of professionals, multiple packages and on time services, this design firm has ruled out every websites firm of its era.

You too can have your oman web design and get amazed by the results you can see the results we can provide you through your website. Feel ease in contacting in our customer service representative and get a free quote. ADWEB Studio’s assurance will be always there to satisfy all your demands.

How Web Design Services Establish Prospective Income for Your Business?
The internet is a very helpful tool that can open prospects for development. Advertising utilizing the technology of World Wide Web (Internet) is very beneficial to your business as it will help when it comes to generating profits from the wider market. You would come across numerous people who are going for online businesses every day. This has been seen as way of generating good revenue quickly. The demand for having a well designed website from Oman Web Design Company is on the rise as more and more individuals are getting themselves concerned in online business. The benefits of having a website designed and submitted to the internet depend on the nature of your business, and to the amount of which you choose to employ the technology available to you. The degree of technology you decide to use often depends on a number of factors, the primary one being budget restraints.

Several people use the internet to find out more information about products or services that they are in need of. Your certainly is a means of offering information to those who may be researching online before purchasing. If you don’t have a website, how are going to they get a chance to see what you are offering?

Everyone that is involved in business needs to be successful. The presence of the internet lends itself to this success everyone wants to achieve. A professional web design firm is indeed a unique investment for any business. If you perform a research on the internet, you would find that there are so many organizations that offer web design services. You could end up finding a web design firm either in your neighborhood or the surrounding neighborhoods. The professionalism of the web design firm that you hire is also very significant. When you are working with a professional firm, your priorities will be considered with respect to the final buyers. This will prove to be profitable to both the owners of the businesses and the final buyers as well.

Vancouver SEO services play an important role when it comes to getting a website ranked in popular search engines. An SEO services would truly help a website owner make his website systematically optimized for the search engines. Businesses will easily be noticed if their respective website is found on the first page of the search engines for those targeted keywords.

Today, you will find all sorts of businesses that have their own websites irrespective of what industry they are in. Those who don’t have enough money generally settle for free websites as long as they can advertise. You can consider getting in touch with an SEO expert and see how rapidly your business progresses.

Importance Aspects of Web Design - What should you know about it?
Individuals who want to offer a separate, exceptional individuality to their business, one customer narrate to and who are paying attention in taking all the measures that facilitate them to stand out of competition should employ web design experts. It is unnecessary to say that web and graphic designate important for a successful business and investing in specialized oman website designing services enables you to exploit the potential of your business. The shopping cart icon is an important web design element and it is a must for the shopping procedure and this element helps people buy a product as rapidly as possible.

The best web design can make an enormous difference for your business as it will allow you to overcome worldwide boundaries and to reach target audience across the sphere. Design experts know that when they start a new development it is essential to create it user friendly and therefore to recognize the target audience and to figure out what they imagine from the website. Therefore, the use of content, images and graphics are destined to assist the visitors that are looking for a definite product. Professional web design and oman web development services are, creative and appealing and it is significant to make sure that each page has something to offer.

Making sure that each page contains precious information is a must in web design and companies that would like to exhibit a certified image should devote in web and graphic design services of higher quality. A qualified web designer knows that his design must replicate one’s business, that it should be unforgettable and that the purpose of designing is to build a connection between your brand and target audience. A purposeful website with a passable degree of creativity will absolutely catch the attention of your target audience.

A frequent mistake that most web designers make is the fact that they disregard the shopping cart and its importance. To begin with, this item must receive correct attention during the design process and it is useful to know that you can choose from a diversity of attractive, creative and user-friendly shopping carts. Nevertheless, before you decide to opt for a certain shopping cart you should first be very precise about what you want it to do and what features it should have.

Another factor you should keep in mind is that shopping carts are written in abundant coding formats and you should check with your host before you purchase a definite program. The last thing you should deem before you opt for a shopping cart is the budget you have at your clearance. As you can see website design isn’t as straightforward as some people presume and paying attention to the above facets will help you make an educated decision.

Selecting the Ideal Website Designer
Anyone who has ever set out to locate the faultless website designer for their personal individual project has probably run into a deceased end at one position or another. This is remarkably common between those who are new to the era of oman web design, and should not be outlooked as a motive to give up. The truth is, there are plenty of designers out there that are skillful at what they do, many of whom will work for very flaxen earnings and will not cost you or your corporation a chance. The following are just little guidelines in conditions of how to find just right website designer and what to look for in them.

Local web designers are approximately recommended to those who work distantly. This is because you’ll be capable to meet with the personality if need be, which can make a big dissimilarity in the long run. The additional work you put into finding the accurate local person, the better off your website will look in the end.

Pricing is somewhat that should always be taken into deliberation, as it can make a huge difference. If you want to acquire the finest results, you’ll want to work with somebody who is tremendously good at what they do without charging a fortune. The ending result is an reasonable, yet elevated quality project worth working towards.

If you don’t believe Oman SEO Company when looking for a web designer, you’ll be doing yourself a majestic disfavor. SEO is very significant, and can make or fracture how powerful your website in fact is. Look for a designer who is familiar with SEO inside and out for greatest results.

If you want to obtain the mainstream out of a working association, you’ll want to discover someone to work with who knows how to correspond well to clients. Communication is the name of the diversion, and should be one of the first things you look for in a web designer.

An adaptable website designer is one who can in fact make a distinction in the world. That said, many designers are not multitalented, and do nothing to facilitate those who are on the path towards bringing their business to the uppermost level. The more resourceful the designer that you work with is the enhanced output you’ll attain.

Don’t disregard reputation. Standing is everything when opting for a designer, and should always be gazed at. If the person has a good standing, you’ll be outlying better off working with them than someone else.

Professionalism of Web Designing in Oman
With oil business going down in Oman, web designing and development is facing big boost, as it is becoming popular day by day. And Oman web design and development is growing to a far extent to capture the private section.

Oman being situated at the perfect position of constant growing state, the field of web designing and development is on a peak for industrialists. Many companies are now offering the service of web designing and development. Oman is now perfectly shaping in the form, where new companies are coming up and designing/developing world class websites.

As a result of this growing reliance on Oman web design professionals, it is turning out to be a more money-making business than many other fields with many Oman and Muscat web design and development firms getting high demand across the world. These companies provide services such as web designing/developing, domain hosting, website maintenance, website redesign and upgrade, and other things as well to give a natural boost to the economy of Oman.

Oman web design and development experts are working hard to keep up with the trend and find new ways to promote their region in the field of web designing and development.

Web designers and developers in Oman know the international demand of web designing and development, and therefore working day and night to get a good hold in the initial stages and update them on a regular basis to keep up with the live trends of web designing and development.

Core services offered by Oman web design and development companies
There are many web designing and development companies running in Oman. These Oman web design and dubai web development companies host an array of web design and development professionals who have good reputation in market. Some of the core services offered by Oman web design and development companies is listed below:

Custom web designing solutions:
Web designing and development firms in Oman and Muscat are capable of designing attractive custom websites suited for all range of users worldwide.

WordPress web designing solutions:
There are many web designers and developers in Oman and Muscat who are proficient in using WordPress to create cost-effective websites in less possible time. Web designers and developers in Oman have good hold on WordPress.

Static web designing solutions:
Oman web design companies develop static websites for its customers which are both asy to use and attractive. Pure HTML and other search engine friendly languages are highly preferred by Oman web design and development firms together creating the balance between the on-site content and images.

E-commerce web designing solutions:
Oman web design and development companies create personalized ecommerce web pages for their clients. Oman web designers are expert in creating error-free databases and technical payment gateways.

Flash web designing solutions:
Flash based websites are also designed in Oman which has stunning animations together having the optimum usability.

Oman and Muscat web design companies are walking with every step in the field of web designing and development, together giving satisfaction to their customers.

Top 5 qualities of a good company
There are many web design uae companies running worldwide, so you have a diverse choice when you want to design a website for your business. But at the same time you might get confused during the selection process out of so many choices, right? When choosing a web designing company, you must look for the below qualities in them, this will make your job easier:

1) Working Experience – The industry of web designing is evolving day by day and because of this up going trend, many new web designing companies are offering web designing services. But you must only trust those companies who are in this business from a long time and must have good reputation in the market as well.

2) Working Portfolio – Any web designing company having strong portfolio and client feedback is worth it. If a company has strong line of previous clients and feedback given by them are positive, then that company is one of the best in the market. Just displaying snapshots of websites designed for previous clients is not all, you have to look for the practical quality work the company has done.

3) Time Priority and Trustworthiness – A good web designing company has the sense of delivering the work on time with quality assurance. You can check the feedbacks by their former clients for satisfaction.

4) Client Support – A good web designing company must offer client support after the delivery of the task. There must be 24×7 support for clients.

5) Cost-Effectiveness and Work Quality – A good web designing company will always maintain a balance between cost and quality work. Both these factors are responsible for customer satisfaction.

Web design Oman and Web design Muscat companies have strong client feedback and portfolio in the industry of web designing. They give cost-effective solution and quality work assurance to their clients with good customer support.

3 basic factors responsible for a user-friendly website design
Internet users’ love surfing websites that are user-friendly instead of those websites which have heavy animations and mystifying design. If you are consulting a Web design Oman or a Web design Muscat company, you must check for the below 3 basic factors that are responsible for creating a user-friendly website design:

#1 Ease of use and minimalistic design
Complicated website designs create negative impact on your visitors. Try to avoid the excessive usage of colors, heavy text, animations, images and the overall page layout. Make sure that your website is minimalistic in design and resourceful at the same time, because that is actually what a user wants. The website navigation should be easy to use and quick, because you don’t want users to bounce off your website to your competitor’s website, right?

#2 Accurateness and relevancy
What most of the web designers and firms do is insert maximum amount of content on the index page of a website. This act should be avoided. Think out of the box and make it more appealing and satisfying. Create inner pages and publish the content that goes well with the selected topic of that page, but remember it should reflect the main theme of your website too. Users hate it when they find the homepage of your website stuffed with unnecessary content. An all in all thing is that you must have a website that keeps a user engaged and give them a reason to come back.

#3 Density of content
Websites develop as time passes by and more content is added to it. This is very important to increase the usability of your website. Addition of content maximizes the general attraction s of your website and so increases the possibility of getting more flow of continuous traffic. As a conclusion, your website must be designed in such a way that it gives enough room for the addition of content in future in a more appealing way.

Major advantages and disadvantages of having a WordPress website
Wordpress is the easiest CMS ever designed to create stunning websites in couple of hours. Most of the people prefer WordPress over any other CMS to create blogs and websites. Besides the ease of use you will find a good collection of pre-designed themes from which you can choose the one you think would be best for your website/blog, but at the same using WordPress has a bit of downsides too that should be considered before designing a website. If you want your web designer or oman web designing company to use this platform for creating your website/blog, you should take a look at the below advantages and disadvantages of using WordPress, first:
Major advantages and disadvantages of having a WordPress website

Advantages of a WordPress website:
Ease of use: WordPress is quite easy to use. Anyone having command over the internet can use WordPress, so you won’t have a tough time altering your website once it gets designed by your hired web designer or Web Design Company.

SEO benefits: WordPress has a built-in SEO pack which is used to optimize your website for search engines. These tools are handy to use and effective at the same time.

Variety of plug-ins: WordPress has a vast collection of plug-ins which can be easily downloaded from the internet. These plug-ins’ can be used to customize your website/blog the way you want.

Disadvantages of a WordPress website:
Less secure: Security is the major found issue in WordPress sites.

Not perfect for E-commerce websites: If you want to have an E-commerce website then WordPress is not the option for you. Other manual development languages are great options instead.

Modification of tables and graphics isn’t easy: Altering and formatting website tables and images are quite difficult in WordPress as compared to other options.

In conclusion, WordPress is a handy CMS to design websites but if you want a customized website according to your needs then our Oman web design company is a great option for you. We are specialized in designing custom websites for general business or E-commerce solutions.

Top four ways to make your website more profitable
Websites retuning no conversions at all are totally useless! Would you want to have a website that doesn’t generate revenue for you? While certainly not, right? Of course you need a website that could generate revenue for you instead of eating your constant investment and precious time. There are many ways through which you can have a profitable website, out of which the below four ways are the most effective for making your website more profitable, take a look:

1. Find the right web hosting solution
The first thing you need to do is find the right web hosting solution for your website. There are many web hosting solution providers that offer web hosting services at reasonable prices. Without a proper web hosting solution, chances are less more likely for a website to get conversions.

Compare different web hosting solution providers that are best in the market. Evaluate their features and look for their previous user feedbacks and reviews. You need to have at least 99.9% uptime guarantee and good customer support to preserve your online business. Storage space, bandwidth limit, and other aspects are important to know before choosing any web hosting solution. Have complete satisfaction and then only select the web hosting plan from any solution provider.

2. Create a catchy content
Your content needs to be catchy so that your site visitors get attracted to it and stick to it for long. Having a great content means having good sales. Be specific to the point and avoid the over usage of keywords within your site content.

3. Optimize your website for search engines
SEO is the backbone for any online business. Higher rankings in major search engines like ‘Google’ means good flow of traffic and eventually a boost in sales. You may consult a reputable SEO firm to optimize your website. Target your keywords that could give you high ROI (return-on-investment). A properly search engine optimized website is more likely to get conversions than a non-optimized site.

4. Promote your website on social media platform
Social media platform provides flood of traffic to one’s blog/site. Use various social networking sites to gather visitors and enhance the online visibility of your business. By using this efficient tool, you will have a more profitable site than before.
Our Oman web design company has large portfolio of websites and customer feedbacks. Hire our Muscat web design company to design presentable websites to enhance your online business and get good sales.

How to choose the right color combination for your website?
Color speaks it all! The color combination of a website is responsible to create either good or bad impact on your site visitors. When it comes to design a website, you need to choose the right color combination to make it user-friendly. If your website has a good color combination, then it is more likely to get long-lasting traffic and thus it will help you increase your sales. At the same time, a website having inappropriate color combination will create bad impact on users and will be considered as a low-quality site that can risk your sales.

The combination of colors directly influences the visitor’s mind. It creates a psychological effect on your website readers. So it is very important for you to choose the right color combination for creating a user-friendly website. Here are some of the best quick tips that will help you choose the right color combination for your website:

• The color of the background and the text of your website should create a contrast. Consider using light colors in the background and dark colored text for making your website readable
• Choose images relevant to the color of your whole website
• Use different color hues to give your website a unique look
• Never ever use a standard color strength based images as a background behind the text of your website since that makes it difficult to read for users. You can use your image as a faded watermark to avoid hurting the color combination of your website
Our Oman web design company has vast experience in the field of web designing and development. You may consult our Muscat web design company for designing user-friendly websites with great color combinations to help you get long-lasting visitors to your site.

Ease-of-use and accessibility of a website is quite important and essential for online growth. A website having next to no accessibility or even partial accessibility is totally worthless. So you need to take care of some points when creating websites to make it fully accessible, here is a complete guide to create accessible websites:

Understand your target audience
You must first understand your target audience and niche. Your visitors might be disabled in terms of visual, hearing, physical or mental. Likewise the age of your site visitors also matter a lot. If you think your niche focuses on people who are disabled, then you must increase the diversion rate of your website from regular portion to disable people oriented portion to churn out the maximum benefits.

Bring other possibilities under consideration
There are many possibilities which can hurt your site’s accessibility and ease-of-use, therefore you must bring them under consideration to make your website completely accessible so that you don’t drive away your visitors. These are some of the most common possibilities that come across:

• Multiple platform consumption i.e.: mobile phones, desktop computers, tablets and etc
• Bandwidth
• Environment of internet surfers
• Education level of users
• Language compatibility

Make it user friendly
A complex website design usually drives away its visitors. In this case, proper site navigation is the most important thing you need to consider when creating your website. So you must have a completely accessible website for users with all possibilities.
Consult our Oman web design company for creating completely accessible websites to uplift the growth of your online business. Our Muscat web design company has vast experience in designing user friendly and accessible websites.

Comparison between flash and HTML websites
Many people prefer having a flash based website since it is more attractive than a HTML based one. The question: “which platform is best for developing website – HTML or Flash?” has sparked many debates among web developers. There are a lot of differences between a flash and an html based website that should not be overlooked when thinking from business point of view and selecting from Web development companies in Oman for creating your website. Below is the comparison between flash and HTML websites:

HTML designed websites are easy to edit and doesn’t require money. Since you can easily edit your HTML website on a text editor and re-publish it. At the same time a flash website is hard to maintain and requires a web developer/designer to edit the content.

Conclusion: HTML is the best option in terms of maintenance cost and accessibility

Crawling Issues
Search engines are unable to crawl a flash content whereas HTML is the most preferred language in this case since it gets easily crawled by search engine bots.

Conclusion: HTML websites have an advantage over flash websites in this case.

Page load time
Flash websites are no doubt attractive but at the same time loads slowly (especially on dial-up connections and computers having slow internet connectivity) which irritates a user the most. IN contrast, HTML pages load don’t require a lot of time to load.

Conclusion: HTML website is a better choice.

Development cost
The biggest disadvantage of having a Flash is the cost of the development. A flash based website retails around $500. Quite the opposite, HTML website can be composed on a simple text editor for example notepad which is available for free.

Conclusion: HTML is recommended in this case!

Browser compatibility
HTML based websites are easy to crawl for browsers. Whereas it becomes difficult for browsers to crawl flash based websites resulting in partial display or malfunctioning of web pages. There is a flash plug-in available, if installed, any flash website can be opened in that particular web browser, but at the same time an HTML based website doesn’t require any plug-in or software.

Conclusion: HTML should be preferred!
Our Muscat web design company is expert in designing websites that create a balance between user-friendliness and search engine optimization.

Advantages of using flash web design
When it comes to design business websites, many people say a big NO to flash websites as it takes a big amount of time to load its content and eventually the website is left with no conversions. But in order to design a dynamic website with special effects you need to use flash as a primary platform.

Flash is basically a multimedia platform and an effective tool for designing animated content to make a website attractive and presentable. With the help of this platform, you can design interactive images and animations to make your website dynamic. You can also develop movies and short video clips to embed them on your web pages.

Main advantages of using Flash web design
There are many advantages of using a flash web design out of which the below are the most remarkable advantages of flash:
1. With flash, you can create attractive and dynamic websites with special effects.
2. You can display a full company profile or business presentation on your business website within duration of around 30 seconds.
3. Usually flash movie files are not big in size so that makes download times faster.
4. Together with embedding Flash made movies on a web page, you can at the same time export that content to make individual applications that are ideal for CD-ROMs.
5. Flash based applications update automatically

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Why submitting a Sitemap to Google is important
Having a Google sitemap is very important for a website. It is basically a small XML file that is used on a website for telling the Google Bot/Crawler the information which is needed. This file contains all the necessary information of each page of your website. When you create a Sitemap for your site and submit it to the Google’s database through webmaster tools, the Google study’s it thoroughly. No one knows what Google does with the Sitemap information but we do know it is one important aspect for a website.

In a Sitemap, you define certain limits for your website for instance the location which is the URL of your website pages, when they were last updated and at what frequency and what are the priority levels of each of the website pages.

According to analytics and studies, Google matches the content of the Sitemap with its index to make sure that each and every page of a website is indexed properly. It might be a fact that by informing Google about your every web page you can see improvement in the rankings of your website in the SERP’s. Submitting sitemap may directly impact on your site rankings or the other way around help Google indexing all the links to make sure nothing is left (that may have not been indexed earlier).

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Things you need to review before making your website live
Have you got all the things ready and planning to make your website live? Before you do so, you must review some aspects to make success out of your business website. Once you have your website ready, you should check for the titles of the every page and also the description tags which are the first basic element of SEO (search engine optimization). Often this aspect is neglected during designing a website, which spoils all the efforts to enhance the business.

Next thing you need to check is the browser compatibility of your website if it is opening in nearly all browsers or not. It may also be the case if your website is opening perfectly in Chrome and a total mess in Opera. Since people have different browser choices, it becomes very necessary to check if your website is cross-browser compatible or not.

The third thing you should check is the content of the website. Check for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and duplication issues and so on. Review every single part of your content and check for errors and correct them (if any).

The last thing you need to check if there are any broken links on your website. These links are dead and not visible to users which annoys them the most. Review your website from page to page and fix broken links. You can also use online tools to check for broken links on your website. Once you find them fix them immediately and finally make your website live.

Finding a cost-friendly and professional Web development companies in Oman can be a difficult thing to do. That is why our Muscat Web Design Company is the right platform for your web design needs as we offer the most professional and perfect web design solutions across Oman.

How Can You Create a Perfect Visual Flow in Web Design
What is Visual Flow?
Sometimes, it happens that when a user opens the site, he/she doesn’t stay on that website for long, and switch to another website. There are many things responsible for this, out of which the first and the most important thing in the list is Visual Flow. It is basically a flow of content on a website which rather keeps a user engaged or forces him/her to bounce back. Visual flow directly affects on the eyes of the website visitor, through the whole layout of the website including the navigation bar, frames, images, text content, size and shape and other elements. It ensures that every element on your website is aligned in the manner and that they get equal importance in the eyes of the user, and nothing makes your user annoyed or confused. It also helps you to draw a picture of your content in your site’s visitor mind.

How to create a proper visual flow?
For creating a proper visual flow you need to take care of images, text part of the website, color pattern, content alignment and other elements which are involved in web design dubai.

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Easy to follow steps to create a user-friendly website
A user-friendly website brings more conversion than a non-user-friendly website. Building a user-friendly website can be pretty hard but upon following the below 3 quick tips, you can easily make one:

Make your content crystal clear and attractive
Content is the first thing that makes impression on user in first sight. Alter your content according to the target age, region, education level and other aspects. With the latest updates coming from Google, the ranking criteria are more and more focusing on the content of a website. Content is also responsible to keep a user engaged for long hours and can even give you a returning potential customer. So format your content properly and have the idea of writing unique!

Have a simple theme
Whenever choosing a theme for your website, always go for light colored templates or templates which have good contrast levels. Never ever think of using heavy themes as they may put a big load on your website speed and on your users’ eyes.

Avoid using Flash, Front Page or other WYSIWYG editors
Programs like Flash, Front Page and other WYSIWYG editors aren’t associated with the word USER-FRIENDLY, even from far views. These programs are not compatible with W3C web standards and they also create heavy file sizes.

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HTML based website or Graphic based website
Many web designers end up without any firm decision when it comes to design a website in Oman. There are mainly two types of web design, one is coding based (html) and another is graphic based.

Graphic designers have vast knowledge of print design, brochure design and other printing designs but they are not capable of sketching a perfect web design, most of the times.

A graphic based website is purely made up of images and frames. The graphic designers however have great imaginations, but they do not observe a website from programming point of view. Most of the graphical based websites are not search-engine friendly or user-friendly too. It also takes a great amount of time to load graphic based websites.

Web design should be observed from both the sides i.e.: graphic design and html programming. You can simply convert your PSD to WordPress format to convert your graphic based website into HTML.

If you want a perfect web design in Oman consult our Muscat Web Design Company. We offer the finest web design solutions in Oman. Our websites are both user-friendly and search-engine friendly. Drop us a line today to get the most professional web design services in Oman.

Tips for choosing domain name
Choosing domain name is a very daunting task. Many people don’t bother to do a bit research on domain names and suffer badly either in the short run or the long run. This should not be the case with you. Here are the tips that will help you in choosing a perfect domain name for your site:

Using your brand name/company name as a site name is highly recommended. This way you create a good brand consistency level in your visitors’ minds. Think if you are using your company’s name as your domain name, your users will find it very easy to remember it. Many website owners use this strategy and they surely benefit from it.

When it comes to choosing a domain name, you should limit your character count to 60-70 only. Also it is recommended to use short forms of full abbreviations if your company’s name is very big in character count.

You can also use hyphens and full stops in your domain name, but that is not widely used since the online users may eventually forget to place them and end up nowhere or to the wrong destination.

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Business web design checklist
Designing a business website requires great amount of knowledge and planning. This business web design checklist will help you in making a successful business website:

- Planning
- Researching
- Sketching the web design structure
- Selecting a domain name and web host
- Hiring a web designer or web design company
- Hiring a content writer
- Optimizing your website for search engines
- Ongoing maintenance

Planning is the first essential step of designing a business website. Sketch you’re your plans and set your goals that you will to achieve.

The next thing you need to do is perform an extensive research on your online business project. Conduct a research on your products and the services that you will offer through your business website. For this you can take experts’ help and join open discussions.

Sketching the web design structure
Now that you are equipped with the right information, start planning your business web design structure. What things you need to include in your business website and for what purpose.

Selecting a domain name and web host
Once you are ready with the web design structure, start looking for a suitable domain name according to your product’s/service’s or company’s name. The moment you find the right domain name for your business website, start searching for a complementary web host in order to host your business website on the internet.

Hiring a web designer or web design company
Now that you have everything ready, hire a web designer or a web design company to design your business website.

Hiring a content writer
Once you hire a professional web designer or a web designing company, look for a capable content writer to write quality content for your business website. It may cost big but will certainly churn out great benefits for your online business.

Optimizing your website for search engines
Upon getting your website perfectly designed, consider optimizing your website for search engines. You can hire a SEO or a company or even a freelance worker to optimize your website for the major search engines.

Ongoing maintenance
Without proper maintenance of your business website, you won’t be able to cope up with the latest developments and therefore you may get way too behind your online competitors.

If you want business web design in Oman you may consider hiring us as your business website developer. Our Oman web design service is highly affordable and professional.

How to get your website noticed by the online users?
With the online world becoming viral day by day, more and more people are exploiting the platform of internet. Thus it becomes very difficult to compete with your online competitors in order to make your place. Here are some of the most effective ways through which you can get your website noticed by the online users:

Submit your website everywhere possible
The first thing you need to do is to submit your website everywhere possible over the internet, for e.g. online directories, search engines, article submissions sites, forums, classified ads, press release sites and other place where possible. You can also ask other website/blog owners who are related to your industry either directly or indirectly to exchange links with your website. This way you will get to make relations with people in your circle.

Participate in discussions boards
The best thing you could do to make your website noticed by the online users is to join discussions boards and form relations with the people in your industry. It will help you in getting relevant visitors and great help for any topic.

Advertise your brand in the offline world + social media
Advertising your website online is not simply enough. You need to exploit the offline means as well. So consider using brochures and banners to advertise your website in the offline world. This is very effective and brings authentic results, regardless of any exact time, though. You can also use a variety of social media sites to spread your brand awareness amongst a targeted community of members.

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3 reasons why you need to incorporate search engine friendly shopping cart in your web design
You must have seen shopping carts on e-commerce websites and websites which sell any product. Many people have the misconception that having a search engine friendly shopping cart doesn’t reap such benefits, while the fact is totally the opposite. Here are the 3 biggest reasons that explain why you need to incorporate search engine friendly shopping cart in your web design:

Reason#1: Search Engine Friendly Shopping Cart is indexed more quickly
If your shopping cart is properly optimized according to the search engines, then it will get indexed more quickly as compared to a non-optimized shopping cart. The point here is to make it easy for search engines to index your shopping cart so that if a user searches on your targeted keywords, your e-commerce website gets highlighted.

Reason#2: Search Engine Friendly Shopping Cart earns more traffic
E-commerce websites generate a big amount of revenue from search engines. If your shopping cart is highly optimized, the chances of getting online traffic are multiplied. If your shopping cart is optimized, it will appear at a good spot in major search engines and thus your website will get targeted traffic which may convert into potential customers.

Reason#3: Search Engine Friendly Shopping Cart increases usability
Search engine friendly shopping carts need to have a very little amount of code and design so that it makes it easy for search engines to index the content. The other way around it also increases the usability since a trimmed shopping cart will load more quickly and moreover the shopping carts on each of your web page will be indexed by search engines meaning that you will get traffic for all of your e-commerce website’s pages.

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Why should you use “Web Safe” fonts?
Different computers have different fonts installed. These fonts are installed by default by the manufacturer or the operating system. Although users can install extra fonts from the internet to their computers but not all users do. And even if a number of people do it, then it is not possible everyone would install the same set of fonts. People can have different choices and they really have. That is why you need to take special care when selecting fonts for your web design. When selecting fonts for your website while designing it always think that you are the target audience.

If you select a font which is not supported by web browsers or computers, that font will appear in a very different manner or in the most cases another random font will replace it, which might give unpleasant and undesirable result.
The solution to this problem is to use Web Safe fonts. These fonts are classified as the supported fonts by web browsers, for example: Times New Roma, Arial, Sans-serif and etc. These are standard fonts and usually supported by all web browsers and computers.

Need a professional to design your website in Oman?
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3 Smart Questions You Need To Ask From A Web Development Company
You will find many web development agencies in Oman but finding the right Oman Web Design Agency may appear difficult to you. Here are 3 smart questions that will help you make a better choice between web design agencies in Oman:

1. How Much Experience Does Your Firm Have?
Experience comes first. Always ask for the experience of the web design company in Oman you prefer. Shortlist the companies which have a good amount of experience in the web design industry.

2. Will You Use CSS Or Tables?
A CSS based website is totally different to a table-based website. Days have gone when tables were used. However both might appear same to you but the CSS based websites are more consistent and create good impact on search engine rankings as well.

3. How Many Web Design Projects Have You Accomplished? How Many Failed?
The last question but not the least: ask your website design company that how many web design projects they have completed successfully and how many projects it has failed in. Thoroughly review the client feedbacks and project portfolios.

Finding the right web design company in Oman is no longer a difficult task. Review our past projects and client feedbacks and give us a quote!

Mistakes you should avoid when using website templates
Using website templates is a good idea when you need to save your precious time and money. It helps you in saving a lot of efforts that you might have put on designing your own website. Yet, there are a lot of people who make the most common mistakes while using website templates.

Many people do not often realize that the template they are using is accessible for all. That means many other website owners are using the same website template as well. As a fact, your website won’t appear unique to your visitors. Therefore do a wise selection!

Most of the times, people just change the default titles and descriptions and use that web template, without adjusting other elements. You need to have a fully customized and a reorganized website layout rather than just having a dummy layout which has multiple copies over the internet.

There are some portions which need to be tweaked according to the content. For example a nature background will be suitable for any blog but the header and color contrast may appear weird with your content

Many website owners choose appearance over performance. You shouldn’t be one of them. Create a perfect balance between appearance and performance of web templates. Our Oman Web Design Company offers the most affordable web design packages in Oman. Contact us for further details on Oman web design services.

How to design Creative Business Card
Business cards are often dull and boring; they are designed for networking and contain all the important details about you, so that whenever you meet anyone, you can give him your business so that you can be contacted in future.

Business cards reflects your personality and business so people prefer sophisticated cards but how about making them creative and sophisticated at the same time? We have brought some easy tips to make innovative business cards.

Try Different shape and size
Business cards should be designed very efficiently; traditional business cards are horizontal in shape with a standard size of 2″ x 3.5″ either vertically or horizontally. But if you are willing to make a creative card then you can experiment with different shape and sizes. If you are a hair stylist then give your business card the shape of a comb, it will give anyone a better idea of what you do.

Use Special Materials and Effects
Normal business cards are printed on paper cardstock that varies in weights, textures, and colors. But if we talk about eye catching business card then you should use material and effects that suits your business. For instance if you have oodles of currency notes, you can use concrete tile as your business card or if you produce chocolates then you can use chocolate wrappers for designing cards.

Choose appropriate Color
Express yourself through business card, if you are artistic let your clients know it. But be careful while selecting color because it has great impact on people; choose the color according to your marketing materials, and the image you want to leave on people.

Add Contact Information
Business cards are designed to give contact details, so don’t forget to add important information. A creative business card is useless if it lacks essential details, so add your name, your company name, phone number, email, website address and your slogan.
That’s all. You are done with creative business cards; hope you have enjoyed making it.

WordPress vs Drupal: Which one is better?
The competition in CMSs arena is getting severe day by day. As hordes of options are already available so a designer and developer have to spend good amount of time in order to select the right CMS that fulfill their needs.

A perfect CMS is flexible and powerful and when we talk about perfect CMS only three names comes to mind, Joomla, WordPress and Drupal. But what to do when you have to select only one? How to differentiate which one is better? Folks, we have listed a brief comparison between Drupal and WordPress for those who were digging the web for its answer.

Lets start with WordPress, WordPress was considered to be a platform for blogging so it was a burning question whether to consider it a CMS or not. But with growing popularity and functionality WordPress has now emerged as one of the leading Content Management system and is now serving many non blogging websites as well.

Worpress offers simple multi-page brochure styled websites, beautiful themes, free and paid plugins, easy to understand dashboard and optimization and enjoys a huge community of developers. The biggest downside of WordPress is that it is vulnerable to attack; moreover it has weak core codes and poor page management.

On the contrary Drupal is absolutely secure; it is designed with clean core code, robust community support, more than 6,000 modules which offers amazing things but it has fewer and more expensive developers.

Both CMSs have its advantages and disadvantages, it’s all about priorities. If are not willing to compromise on safety and can spend some extra dollars to get it along with new functions then Drupal is the right choice for you, but if you want a faster website that is easy to develop and use, then WordPress can be a good option for you.

How to Improve Branding and Marketing Message
Brand messages are communication of your goals and agenda so they should be clear and effective. If you are not getting your desired results then it is probably because of weak branding and marketing message. How to improve a branding message? We are listing some tips below.

Clear Basics
You should have a clear definition of your brand; the definition includes purpose, mission and vision that support your goals in the upcoming years. It will help you design a proper branding message.

To improve your brand message you have to make it engaging. You can do this via research on your target audience, what are they searching for and what they want. Brand messages differ from audience to audience, so if you have different target audience, you need to have different brand messages.

Before you put a plan in action make sure you need to increase the brand awareness among people. Your message should educate the target audience about the brand promise, values and image. Use testimonials to deliver your branding and marketing messages and to sell your products.

Offer something
A brand message should offer something to customers, like free trial, free shipping or a guarantee of a product. Of course this will vary from business to business, choose offer for your product intelligently.

Repeated mantra
Some people agree while others don’t, a brand message when repeated many times can create magic. A clear message if delivered repeatedly can boost the sales of your brand’s products and services.

Brand message and marketing is very important, but before you go out to educate your audience for it, make sure everyone within your company is fully informed and well aware of your message. If you think you are the best, prove it to your audience. Remember, if you get successful in connecting the audience to your brand emotionally, it means you have delivered a powerful brand message successfully.

Rules: How to become a successful blogger
Anyone can create a blog but not everyone can make it a success. Despite of all the efforts if you are unable to make your name in blogging then check out whether you are violating any rule. We have listed some tips below to make you a successful blogger.

Valuable material
Before becoming an author, read your blog as a reader and ask yourself is your blog different from the hordes on internet? Why should a visitor come to your blog and not to your competitor’s? Provide valuable material to reader; give information that is fresh, unique and different from others.

Posting frequency
Posting frequency also plays an important role in success of a blog. If you are running a news blog, then you have to update it very frequently or else you will lag behind. But if you cover celebrity gossips, then it’s better to come up with a nice juicy post, once in a week so that your readers wait for new blog post.

Participate in Discussion
Your responsibility doesn’t end after writing a blog post. Being an author you have to guarantee discussion with other blogs. So take out some time to check out what’s happening around you. Read other blogs and comment on their posts.

Focus on content
Restrict your content to one page, don’t let it exceed to more than 1,000 words. Readers are attracted towards short and informative content. So focus on your material, use headings and sub heading if your post is getting lengthy. Don’t use more than 3, 4 lines in a paragraph. Proof read the article well before publishing and make sure it is smooth, easy, engaging and free of errors.

Create a connection with reader
Tell a reader about yourself, make him comfortable with you and let him feel that he knows you personally. Share your personal stories with readers; maintain a separate page of your information, mention your name on posts and reply to blog comments.
We hope these rules will help you get noticed as a great blogger.

How to Check Duplicate Content with Screaming Frog
If you are getting worried about duplicate content on your website and looking for an easy way to identify it then we are here to help you out. There are many tools that offer same functionality but Screaming Frog is one of the easiest weapons that are getting great popularity these days. Screaming Frog is a site crawler that gathers information about different elements of SEO and displays them in tabs and types to help a person filter duplicate content issue.

The program enables you to analyze, audit and review a website and solve all the issues within time. It is ideal for popular websites where analyzing each page is extremely difficult, time taking and costly. The tool is easy to use.

Start with configuration, then limit the pages you want to crawl, if you set a parameter of 50 URLs, Screaming Frog will crawl only 50 links. After defining the parameter, type the URLs, click start and then click Export when the above process is completed.
Now you will get a defined Excel report which contains Page Title and duplicate values at the right of Status Codes column. To the right of Page Title column you will see some columns like Meta Data to show Meta Robots Noindex tags, Meta Refresh to redirect users and Canonical to display authoritative URLs on duplicate pages. Duplicate content pages will begin to highlight in pink color so you easily check them.

Site crawlers can scan and analyze an issue; they are very active and often bring a lot of visitor to a website. But they can harm your website at the same time if it is crawled at a fast pace. Handle them with care and sort out any SEO problem you want. Good Luck!

Why designers should learn internet marketing?
It’s no brainer that competition in digital media is getting fierce day by day so designers and developers have to educate themselves in order to survive in market. Study has proved that successful designers and developers also know the art of online marketing. This additional knowledge makes them stand out from the crowd, you know why? Here are the reasons.

There are three goals of every business. First and foremost is to generate revenues, secondly to strengthen relationship between business and customers and third is to get customer’s loyalty. Clients hire designer to promote their business, so if you want to increase your client list, help them to generate revenue and achieve their business goals. Being only a designer you may face a shortage of clients because he has nothing to do with design; all he needs is a website that sells. To design a website that gives maximum conversion rates, it is vital that you have some knowledge of digital marketing. Many designers create beautiful websites but only few make a selling website and if you want to get in the few, impart knowledge of digital marketing.

Remember, clients are very smart they are well aware of the importance of internet marketing. Impress them by targeting the customers effectively and accurately and generate extra income for yourself. Another way to become a recognized web designer is by building a personal brand. Showcase yourself as an expert by building a blog and social media following, but you cannot do this without an understanding of internet marketing.

So, get yourself ready for this furious competition. If you don’t want to lag behind get some lessons on online marketing or educate yourself by researching new tools and techniques. The time to design a website is over, now you have to get some customers for your clients.

How to boost ‘Likes’ on Facebook fan page
Facebook is one of the most popular platform for promoting a blog or website but it can be used more effectively if you have a good number of likes on your fan page. So what are the easy tips to get this job done successfully? We are listing some of them below, take a look.

A vanity URL
If you don’t have the vanity URL then you need to get a vanity URL for yourself. A vanity URL is the fancy Facebook name for your page and it can help in increasing the likes of your page because it gives a professional look to visitors. The vanity URL is not just clean and beautiful but it also makes your brand searchable.

Add Facebook plugin on your website
You can control your website in the way you want. Add Facebook social plugins to encourage Facebook’s Likebox, Like button, and Comment.

Short Update
Don’t leave your Facebook page, keep on updating it with fresh information after a short time. Ensures active engagement from both fans and admin, you can update pages with any type of content be it the video, pictures, wall post or a link.

Comment/like Your Own Posts
Be active on social media. Try to participate as much as you can and involve your fans also. Liking and commenting on your own post can be beneficial in this regard. Remind your fans to promote your tabs and pages to their friends, ask them to ‘Like’ the post or share it with their friends.

Tags and Acknowledgement
Tagging can also bring desired results, if you want to increase new connections, you can tag any other popular page as well if you have a strong reason to do that.

Participate outside the page
In order to draw new fans to your Facebook page, you should engage yourself in active participation on other pages of your niche. This will add value to your page, build credibility and relationships with the page admin and fans.

How to write an editorial guide?
The biggest question for a blogger in today’s busy world is how to get people read his blog post? And the simplest answer is to create good content. Writing editorial content is yet another difficult job because it is a set of standards for specific organization that tells how you will create certain articles or posts. Here are some points that should be considered while creating an editorial guide.

Audience introduction
Tell your writers about the target audience, it will let them know about their likes dislikes, strengths and weakness and give writer a good idea of how to write a post. Also tell the tone and narrative to the writer. Tone and narrative vary according to the choice of editor and article. An article can be written in formal, informal, conversational, entertaining, humorous and instructional style. But an editor has to explain his definition of e.g. entertaining to the audience.

Article length
The length of the article also differs with the choices. Some bloggers like to keep them long while others prefer to keep them short. To make things clear, note that the size of the body doesn’t matter. What matters is the food for thought the content offers to readers.

Style and Layout
You have to take care about style and layout especially if you like to go with long content. Use short sentences, online readers don’t like to read long phrases so if you want to maintain the smooth flow of readability, restrict a sentence up to 20 words. Go for short paragraphs of 1-3 sentences and use sub headings after every 3, 4 paragraphs. If you want to emphasize on a keyword, bold it, don’t underlines it people will think it’s a link.

Use stories and example
Add a small story or example to back your post; this is an interesting way to catch the attention of readers.

Link your editorial post to both external and internal links. This will give reader a reference to have in depth knowledge of something.

Constructive conclusion
End up your article with a constructive conclusion that encourages discussion among people.

So what’s your opinion about it? Share your comments with us in the bucket below.

Tips to create effective infographics
Have you seen infographics on different websites? They are the graphical visual representation of information that is getting popular day by day. But what’s the reason behind their success and what are the tips to design a great infographics?

Infographics are the best combination of design and content. The main reason behind their popularity is that they deliver the complex messages in an amusing way- every easily and effectively. They are used in signs, maps and data presentations to analyze data, to deliver information that is easy to understand and to monitor the route of certain parameters.

Infographics are made up of color coding, graphics and reference icons and they fall in different categories, which are cause and effect Infographics, Chronological infographics, quantitative infographics, directional infographics and Product Infographics. So what are the tips to deliver effective infographics to public?

Make it simple
The first and foremost point is that infographics should be simple, clean, concise and clear. Ensure that it looks neat visually, if you want smooth flow of information.

Emphasize on Effect without cause
Emphasize on cause and effect relationship. They are best way of spreading knowledge and help people to get their problems noticed.

Don’t exceed your boundaries
It’s vital that you define your question and answer it clearly in infographics. Don’t stuff it with irrelevant details for effective communication.

Select the right color
Like everywhere, colors play an important role in infographics. Choose perfect colors that enhances your information is liked by targeted readers. Take care that the background goes well with the illustrations.

Try different Layout
Infographics should look different from a newspaper or magazine. Try different types of typography, images, diagrams and icons to make your layout look different from the rest. Don’t use more than 3 to 4 types of fonts in a single infographics. Explore the new trends to keep experimenting with it.

Verifiable Information
Last but not the least, make sure the information you put in is correct. Many users come to the wrong conclusion due to incorrect information. So always quote your data resources and links so that a user can verify the information whenever he wants.

Mistakes while designing a shopping cart
Those who run ecommerce sites are well aware of the importance of website interaction. The design and appearance of a website can lead buyers to make purchases online or leave the site. It is essential that a website should be good looking, smooth, user friendly and easy to understand. Shopping cart is one of the important features of ecommerce site that determines conversion rates, so what are the shopping carts mistakes that can decrease conversion rates. Have a gander.

Calling cart with any other name
Ecommerce sites have changed the names of their cart. Some refer it as book bag, basket etc but not a “cart” which creates confusion for the customers. Customers are mostly familiar with the term cart so don’t change it for the sake of cuteness.

Click Buy button to add item in cart
When you are running an ecommerce site, you have to make the buying process effortless. Although the aforementioned practice is not common today but some sites are still following it. They ask users to click Buy button to add an item to cart which makes the buying process lengthy.

Not taking to shopping cart page when an item is added
It’s good when a site reminds his users about what he has added to cart while shopping. Many websites don’t do that and a buyer keeps adding things to his cart without interruption. Customers want to keep a check on the stuff they have bought but it doesn’t mean that you should force them see the cart every time an item is placed.

Asking to register before adding item to cart
Many sites ask users to register or give their personal information before adding an item to shopping cart. This is a drawback for those who are just visiting your site to check price comparison from other sites.

Asking for personal information before revealing cost
Buyers don’t want to share their personal and credit information with websites unless they are sure to buy them. Many sites compel users to give this info without telling the actual cost of a product including taxes and shipping charges which is wrong.
Check out are you doing any of the above mistakes? If yes, correct them now and tell us your conversion rate after that.

Facebook strengthens mobile security efforts
Facebook users are always worried about their security and why shouldn’t they, the changes made by social giant in past were severely criticized and has made the community annoyed. iPhone Development Dubai Ever since then, the social networking site has kept tweaking its security settings to ensure the safety of its users. The company has recently announced to reinforce web and mobile security and help the fans stay safe against malicious URLs and security breaches not only on Facebook but all over the Internet.

If you are looking forward to protect yourself from all the threats and scams then get the software now. The security software can be downloaded from seven leading security companies– avast!, AVG, Avira, Kaspersky and Facebook partners Microsoft, McAfee, TrendMicro, Sophos.

The social network has always been concerned for the security and introduced powerful controls, resources and tools for customers to keep their accounts safe. The Antivirus Marketplace which was announced six months ago and Facebook partnership with Microsoft, McAfee, TrendMicro, Sophos, and Symantec are evidence of that. The AV Marketplace gained huge popularity and nearly 30 million users have taken advantage of it. It enables Facebook users to download anti-virus software from one of Facebook’s partners- Microsoft, McAfee, TrendMicro and Sophos free for six months.

Despite of all the efforts, many Facebook fans are still insecure about their safety. Have you ever fallen victim to Facebook security breach or are you satisfied with its efforts to make you safe all over the internet?

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Gamification: Making audience interactive
Do you have thousands of readers at your blog but you still miss something? Is it the audience interaction and engagement? If you answered yes, then no need to worry because here is the easy solution- gamification. Gamification is the easiest way to add life in your dull community. Those who have a question mark on faces, Gamification is the use of game mechanics and design that increase user interaction and convert thousands of traffic into customers. It includes points, leaderboards, badges, levels, quests, social sharing and rewards.

The tactic has been used by all the leading blogs, musicians, TV networks and sports leagues, ‘The Next Web’ is one the famous blog that has used it in the past. So whether you want to reduce the bounce rate of a new project or aim to improve the user experience of a heavily trafficked site, Gamification is the best option. It is available for every type of website, we are listing some of the famous gamification system below. Have a look.

BadgeVille is about rewards, it is one of the biggest and popular gamification system that aims to enhance engagement . The platform achieves its goals by rewarding behaviors like reading articles, commenting, sharing posts.

It is another famous gamification system which helps in reducing the bounce rate of site and turning the viewers into a loyal community. The system is easy to use, get a free widget now for trail and if you like it grab the paid version that packs additional features.

PunchTab gives points to viewers on visiting a site, for liking and sharing a post and commenting. Owners can set prizes that can be grabbed with these points. It is easy to install and comes with an easy to use control panel that enables you to see leaderboard, fix prizes, etc.

Try gamification for your site and build an active community with your traffic.

How to drive traffic with Infographics marketing
A picture is worth a thousand words and infographics perform this task in a much better way. Despite of knowing all the power of infographics, many designers don’t utilize its full potential. Infographics can give outstanding results and divert huge traffic traffic to your blog if they are used rightly. Now how can you make the most of them? We are listing some easy tips, they will definitely work in attracting viewers.

Identify the target
Before designing an infographics, you should know your target audience well. How can an irrelevant content work in getting the target audience to you? So it is vital that you design infographics considering the audience in minds. The next important thing is, it should be showcased in front of people. Research the favorite platforms of your target audience and get your infographics noticed there. If you stand out from the crowd, the authority sites will post and share your content with their followers.

Choose the best topic
Topics that are brand new, creative and original captures more attention than the one covered previously. A slew of infographics is created every day, you have to work hard, research and come up with a topic that is fresh and better.

Build links with Embed codes
Embed codes are few lines of HTML located under or above the infographic, they are used by webmasters to repost it. These lines carry URL of infographics with a link to your site for those who want to check the full version. Embed codes are an essential link building tool, but they are often overlooked.

Concentrate on design
One of the most common reasons why people are resistant to infographics is the cost. Hiring a talented and affordable infographic designer is necessary to yield excellent outcomes. You can ask go for freelance sites or designers who have a valuable field experience. Give the data and content to designer and let him play with his creativity.

Post to social networks
Posting an infographic to social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus will also help in reaching to your target audience.

Try these simple tips and let us know about the results.

Five tools to backup Facebook pictures
Are you planning to delete your Facebook profile and make a new account with all the old pictures? Or your friend has just told you that he is deleting his account and you fear that you’ll loose all the memorable tagged photos? Wipe your worries away, we are here with some tools that enable you to back up your Facebook data easily.

SocialFolders are designed especially for your pictures. It is like Dropbox and allows you to shift all your memorable stuff from one place to another in seconds. You can gather all your photos from Twitter, Facebook, Picasa, Instagram, Google Docs, Flicker and Photobuck and upload them on any site you want. It is available for free and can store up to 2,000 files.

Pick&Zip is an amazing software that helps users to download images and videos in a single zip or pdf file. The software is free of cost and is designed to back up Facebook albums, photos where you have been tagged and videos from your or your friends Facebook profile in a compressed file.

Facebook2Zip is a free service that enables you to store your or your friend’s Facebook photos. Just sign in to your Facebook account, choose the friend, his album or pictures and start downloading them into your zip archive. You can do this with your own account as well.

IFTTT Recipe
IFTTT Recipe is an amazing way to move all tagged photos of you, into the Dropbox. You don’t have to download the photos in which you have been tagged, IFTTT Recipe automatically saves it whenever someone links an image to your Facebook account.

Move Your Photos
Move Your Photos is an extension into Chrome browser. It helps you to export your Facebook photos to Picasa and share them among your Google+ friends. If you don’t want to share on G+ then store them in another backup source.

What say you now? Do you find these tools useful?

Pictonic Cube: One of the best free icon fonts
The web is exploding with amazing Icon Font sets but this horde of choices has also created troubles for the designer in choosing the best. Those who are wondering what actually is icon font, they are the files that don’t contain alphabetical or numeric characters, instead they carry symbols, shapes and glyphs like stars, arrows, home, mobile, heart etc.

Just like the dingbat fonts which is made up of symbols and shapes the icon font is designed for UIs specially. They load about 14% faster than images and use the CSS @font-face rule to show icons in web browsers, just like other fonts. Icon Font can be displayed in different colors, show font and text related CSS properties and have cross browser support. Now if you want to try any free Icon Font then we are here to introduce Pictonic cube. Pictonic Cube is a free icon font set that is made of more than 2500 amazing UI elements for every occasion. All fonts are very useful and flexible, you can modify their color, size or add shadows with CSS properties. They are more efficient than images and are simply pixel perfect.

If you want to use Pictonic Cube in your project, then head over to its official page to check out the complete font library, visit usage page to know the instructions for using these icons and read the license agreement, all free files are available under free license.

Try the freebies now and let us know whether you like them or not.

Optimal Inc releases Audience Matrix Social Analytics Product
If you are an eager marketer who is looking forward to create an exclusive audience matrix then Optimal has brought released a good news for you. The popular social advertising and analytics platform has released an amazing Audience Matix social analytics tool which allows you to design custom audience matrix in no time.

The tool brings graphical representation of target audience at your fingertips. It gives great opportunity by indexing Facebook audiences to over all population and has a treat for iPhone 5 owners living stateside. As explained by Rob Leathern, CEO Optimal Inc, it “complements new Facebook products such as Custom Audiences and Mobile News Feed ads by providing our clients detailed insights though our platform.”

Audience Matix social analytics tool lets FB fanatics to look for data with specific information like age, gender, country, city, mobile phones, keywords, search items, DMAs, favorite topics and use them in any combination of locations, pages or applications. It enables marketers to search a relevant data for insight and take actions to implement your campaign.

Audience Matix social analytics product is built on company’s customer analytics database of more than 2.5 million affinity and interest and offers access to billions of users’ data points across social media. You can design audience matrix with the information that matters to you and access it quickly. Forget about the unnecessary information and enjoy the digital and graphical visualization of your target audiences. The product supports open graph actions so you can easily check your customer activities, engagements, interaction at different platforms.

Some popular tools from Optimal’s repository are Optimal Index, Keyword Expander and Keyword Explorer that are destined to calculate brand value on the basis of user engagement and understand social relationships, topics and interests of people.

Google Analytics: An overview for freelancers
Google Analytics is considered as website owners’ best friend. It is one of the vital tools for online business owners but is undervalued by freelancers. Google Analytics keeps a check at the sales and conversions, it gives an insight of the website and tells you how can you make visitors return to your site. The amazing tool is used to measure Return On Investment, track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications.

Website owners are well aware of its importance but most freelancers are not. We are here to give freelancers a brief overview of Google Analytics tool.

Set up a code to your website
If you want to use the tool correctly then start by setting up a tracking code. Google Analytics tool will provide you a code and you have to place that code in the HTML for your website. Each website should have a separate tracking code. There are also plug-ins for content management like WordPress. You can use Google Analytics for WordPress to check your website analytics from the dashboard of the site.

Measure the conversions
Now when the snippet of the code is set up, one can start checking the conversion rates. Obviously if you are a freelancer you don’t have worry about the whole site, your concern lies within specific pages. You would like to check whether users are landing on that pages and what is their conversion rates.

Controlling the traffic sources
Some traffic sources are beyond your control like search engine or backlink that a site has provided you, but there are other sources that can be controlled to boost the traffic. You can check your social media activities or see the response of your guest posts to get more traffic from there.

Find the context of the change in traffic
You can see a drop and boost in traffic but if you are unaware of what causes it then it is completely useless. Google Analytics tool lets you find the context of results. It tells you about visitor’s behavior demographics inside and out.

Choose the data that you need
Google Analytics provides hordes of data so the biggest problem for freelancers is how to choose a data that works for them. An easy solution to it is setting your priorities first, understand your business and audience and select the data that is actionable for you.

We hope freelancers have found this overview useful. What is your secret tip of visualizing Google Analytics data?

How to Choose the perfect Email Marketing template?
We all come across numerous email marketing messages when we check our Inboxes. Email marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through emails, they are used to promote products or services. A horde of E-mail marketing templates is available for marketers but the question is, should you use them? Are these Email Marketing templates worth sending to subscribers? We are presenting some qualities of an ideal email marketing template. If your email template has all of them, it is perfect for using.

Compels subscriber open the email
A template should persuade the user open the e-mail message. An excellent email marketing message is one that is well designed, contain valuable content, date and time when the email is sent. Any message that looks spam is directly sent to trash. So take good care of content and coding while choosing the template.

Keeps a subscriber stay subscribed
People just hate spammers and they quickly unsubscribe from their group. If your subscribers have not unsubscribed you or mark you as a spammer after getting the email messages, it means your campaign has not been harmful.

Takes the subscriber to the landing pages
The success of a campaign is not dependant on a single click, it should also make the reader hit your landing page. If all of your emails are opened but they have not enabled a person to take action, they are useless. Anyone facing this problem should check that contact information is clear and the links are easy to find. An email that contains too many links are often regarded as spam, so beware.

Persuades the subscriber to buy the product
The motive behind sending the messages is that a user should buy your product. If your desired action has been performed, it means your campaign has been successful. Make sure that your offers are clearly visible and the purchase process is easy so that there is no hindrance.

E-mail marketing messages raise revenue by increasing customer loyalty, retention and activity. Experiment with different templates to choose the best.

Facebook introduces sources of friendship feature
Recently we have told you that Friendship pages have got timeline treatment, another interesting news is that now you can list your friends to the places from where you have found them. Got it? No? Well Facebook has introduced friendship sources option under the friends tab on users’ timelines. This friendship sources consists of four options—recently added, From high school, From Collge and From work. You can list your friends in these sources.

The new friendship sources feature refreshes the moments of past, helps in resocializing with old friends and lets you remember the pleasant school and college times you have spent with your friends. Moreover it will remind you of how long you both know each other, about your best buddies, childhood and teenage friends. It is yet to be known how much engagement this feature has been getting but it will definitely allow Facebook to visualize relationship between people in a better way.

Sources of friendship feature is the follow-up to the recent visual update to Friendship pages which was a part of old design from more than a year. The change has started to roll out now but has not reached every timeline. Check yours, have you got it or not? Are you excited to list your friends?

Tips to run successful e-Commerce store
The E-Commerce store is a 24/7 operated business. To run a successful online store a retailer has to be very careful, he needs to give special attention towards shopping cart, secured payment gateways and safe delivery channels. The biggest challenge for an eCommerce store owner is to keep experimenting with new features and make online shopping a joyride for customers. Here are some easy tips that will help them do that.

Flash the new products
Since E-commerce stores have hordes of content and items so there is a high chance that customers may miss out your new products. As they are always in search of new deals, they buy it immediately. Don’t forget to make the new product prominent and different from your old stock. Your homepage should include deals, new products and best buys.

Go interactive
Your goal should be to gain the trust of shoppers and make them feel comfortable. The more comfortable a buyer is, the better are chances of sales. Let your buyer feel the true shopping experience of a mall, where he if free to make decisions from the bulk of varieties. Don’t force a customer hard for the deal, it will make him run away. Just be there to help him whenever he needs assistance. Encourage your customers to leave their review about your products and services.

Provide an easy shopping experience
In many E-stores, buyers have to go through a series of unnecessary steps to complete the shopping which makes them leave the store without buying any product. Ditch the old 3-4 step buying process in favor of one click method.

Utilize the social weapon
You have to attract the customers to your site and for that you need to follow them wherever they go. Social media is a great tool to direct the customers to your site. Just publish your content on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and induce people to ‘like’, ‘comment’, ‘follow’ them.

Go responsive
People like to use internet from their mobile devices so it’s high time that you should go mobile, if you haven’t until now.

Announce amazing deals
The most important reason behind the success of online shopping store is that they offer competitive rates and lucrative offers. Provide some meat to your shoppers and announce amazing deals and discounts compel him to come back to you.

WireframeSketcher: Interface Design tool
If you are planning to create a great design in less time, then you need to have an effective user interface design tool for that. Every designer and developer has some amazing tools in the arsenal but we are here to shed some light on WireframeSketcher, another outstanding user interface design tool that they should try.

WireframeSketcher works as a digital drawing board for developers where they can draw their ideas with the assistance of the pen. The tool is full of features and functionality to make development a cake walk for developers. WireframeSketcher has fast UI on Linux, Windows and MacOS with lots of shortcuts and guides that enhance developer’s efficiency. It helps in creating small mock-ups to large prototypes.

Most wireframe programs either offer a hand drawn look or a clean look but with this app, you can enjoy both types of looks, a rough sketch of mock-ups and a clean and clear one to show to your clients. Apart from that you will get a huge set of flexible UI controls which can be customized according to your desires. You can use properties and apply syntax to design it according to your own will.

WireframeSketcher is a Java based application, it offers fast speed, great user experience and higher productivity. There is a huge library of icons with more than 200 icons that are free to use. They all are in vector format, they can be rotated, colored and used within texts. If you think there is something missing which you would like to add then the tool allows you to do that.
All wireframes are stored in XML format, you can share your contributions to the community. What are your thoughts on it?

How to evaluate Return On investment (ROI)
Return On Investment is one of the crucial calculations that determines how your investments are performing and what they are returning. Many advertisers are still unaware about how to evaluate it. Calculating ROI is a lot more than just looking at the conversion rate or cost per conversion. Unless you know the accurate methods, you won’t be able to collect the leads rightly. We are listing some methods that will help you in estimating PPC ROI.

Return on Ad spend
Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) is a widely used to evaluate advertising campaign performance. It is one of the easiest metrics to measure profitability. When most advertisers talk about ROI, they mean ROAS. \. You can evaluate the result by subtracting the cost of PPC from the sales and dividing the answer by the cost of PPC. Return On Ad Spend is simple to calculate and is shown in percentage. It is the easiest way to start.

Return on Investment
Return on Investment ROI is calculated with the same formula used to measure ROAS, the only difference is how the cost is calculated. The cost of e-commerce website is not the only cost of PPC, it constitutes many factors like the cost spent on serves, equipments, salaries of your staff and everything that keeps a website running. Before you rush to analyze the Return On Investment, estimate the total cost.

Profit Per Impression and Profit Per Click
The biggest motive behind the PPC is to maximize the revenues by generating sales and visitors at the lowest cost. Profit Per Impression (PPI) is more difficult to measure than the above two methods. You need to have information about impressions, clicks, total cost, and total sales value. Now estimate profit by deducting the total cost from the total sales value. Now calculate the PPI.

All the three metrics are helpful in calculating the Return On Investment. You can try any one. As always, let us know about the results.

Tips to write great content for websites
What makes a site attractive to an average web visitor? The content that is rich, valuable, informative, educational and engaging can attract and retain the visitor much better than any other thing. If your site has entertaining content, it will spike more traffic. Don’t you want to maximize your traffic? If you said a yes, here are guidelines that will help you in creating appealing and content-rich websites.

Grammar Mistakes
Proofreaders or editors are necessary if you are writing something. They ensure that your content is free of errors and can be uploaded on the site. If you don’t have anyone to correct you, ask your friend for help, seek an expert advice while showing your material or acquire online proofreading services. Even, experienced writers can make mistakes in grammar and punctuation so do not shy, take measures so that you can avoid errors in the future.

Page Purpose
Each web page is designed for a specific purpose. Keep that purpose in mind! Write a two line summary about the goal of that page and give it a glance when you get ready to write something for it.

Write for Scanning
Visitors scan for information instead of reading the content carefully word by word. So apart from fabulous content, you have to make your text scannable. For that, break down the text into short headlines, lists, graphics and short paragraphs.

Use You not I
Readers want to look what information you have presented them, they don’t bother about what you think, they only care about how they can associate with your content. “You” work as a magical word for readers, its frequent usage will keep readers’ interest in your writing.

Add Call to action
Don’t forget to include call to action in your content. It will persuade the user to perform actions easily. If you want a user to subscribe, register, inquire or buy anything, make it clear.

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

How to increase your brand awarenessEvery company wants to grow and develop brand recognition. Does getting top ranking on specific keyword is the only solution to it? No, the strongest way to improve brand awareness is to increase your traffic. The more the traffic, the better will be the chances of getting links, ranking and popularity. So how can you grow your brand? Well, we are here with some easy tips that will increase your traffic and grow your brand in the long term.

Pay attention to content
Content plays a major part in publicizing your brand, if you want to create a leadership content will help you build that. Make sure that your content provides fresh and useful information to visitors in a unique style that compels them to pay a visit again.

Leverage channels more than search
Don’t just rely on organic searches for traffic, you have to promote your sites on other platforms to increase its visibility. There are several platforms and channels that can be utilized for this purpose. You can use social bookmarking, infographics, videos, forums, blogs, webinars to gain free traffic for your site.

Hire the face for your company
The need of a spokesperson is underestimated by most of the companies. But if you want to build the profile and reputation of the company, you should have a spokesperson who can communicate with potential customers. Customers don’t connect with the brand directly, they connect with the person who is the public face of the company. A spokesperson represents your company/ brand at conferences, presentations, online conversations, meeting etc.

Get real and lovable
People don’t trust fake identity, if you try to show them who you are not, they will identify it quickly and will never come back. Get real, involve with them locally and get as close as you can. A face or mascot of the brand helps in staying connected to people. Be humble and polite to your customers.

Look for search opportunity
Research the market and your competitors, check what they are doing and what they aren’t. If you find some holes, try to fill them on your sites. Look what he has not done that you can do and make the most of the opportunity.

These simple tips will work for sure to increase your brand awareness. Keep experimenting with other tricks and if you get to know something magical, share it with us.

Qualities of a good logo designer
Anyone can create a logo, but not everyone can become a good logo designer. Great logo designers have some exceptional qualities that make them stand out from the crowd. If you think you are expert in designing logos then take a look at the characteristics below if you have them, it means you are a creative logo designer and if you think you are not then circle the qualities that you lack and work on them.

Good at research
One of the most essential qualities that an expert logo designer should have, is the ability to research the market. If you have a design a logo for the client, it’s vital that you research his competitor. You have to be prepared for a briefing.

Think conceptually
Now when you have all the data in hand, one that comes from research and the other with a client’s briefing, you have to analyze them to formulate the structure of the logo. Of course it is not easy but it gives a clear vision to the designer of what to do next. A good designer is one that brings a concept out of the logo and adds hidden meaning to make it special.

Plan properly
Now when the designer is ready with the structure, all that is left is to plan well and deliver an outstanding design. Consider all the pros and cons of the design so that you have no difficulty after the design is ready. Many small business owners didn’t plan ahead, they give importance to aesthetic beauty only and don’t pay attention to the concept of logos so they end up with a complete fail design.

Good communicator
Not particularly logo designer, anyone who wants to be successful must be able to communicate his message effectively. Any barrier in communication can lead to poor output. He has to teach the importance of design in business to clients and how his solution will impact the business positively. A logical explanation or argument will be appreciated by the clients.
So what do you think now, are you a good logo designer?

Tumblr Worm killed by engineers
Tumblr users were in trouble! A worm was reported to attack the micro blogging platform earlier this week and has reported to affect many popular blogs including The Verge and CNET. The worm was said to spread via a viral post and infected more than 8,000 blogs.

The viral post from the GNAA, a well-known anti-blogging Internet-trolling organization contained a racist message and criticizes Tumblr and its users. It appeared to hit any account that reblogs, once the account is infected, the post is republished to user’s blog continuously. Sophos has learned how it actually happened. Graham Cluley, Sophos analyst noted that the worm took advantage of Tumblr’s reblogging feature in spreading far and wide. He stated that “Anyone who was logged into Tumblr would automatically reblog the infectious post if they visited one of the offending pages.”

Here is what Tumblr said, “There is a viral post circulating on Tumblr which begins ‘Dearest ‘Tumblr’ users.’ If you have viewed this post, please log out of all browsers that may be using Tumblr immediately. Our engineers are working to resolve the issue as swiftly as possible.

The worm put blog posting at the halt for some time. The hackers claimed that they have warned the platform about the security vulnerability weeks ago but it turned a deaf ear to it. Tumblr users were advised to change their passwords and avoid using the platform for some time. However, the good news is that Tumblr engineers have resolved the issue.

How to shape blog posts for article submission
You can use your blog content for many purposes– for attracting an audience, promoting the products, having discussions but don’t you want to get a lot more out of it? The best way is to turn the blog content into articles for submission. Here are the tips that will guide you how to kill two birds with one stone.

The biggest question that stands in front is what type of content should you choose for article submission? Content that promotes a product or persuade the sales is a big red flag, you should choose the content that teaches a reader how to do something. Readers are mostly interested in guides, how-tos, educational and learning content. They have lots of questions in mind related to their niche, think of the common question that a reader wants to ask and answer it clearly. The articles on such websites are there to stay for long, so check the expiry date of your content. Don’t choose a topic will die after some time.

While shaping the blog post into article keep one thing in mind that the writing should be unique and sound formal. When writing a blog post, you and your audience are familiar with each other, you interact with them daily, so you can be informal on your blog. Blog content is often light, friendly, it uses spoken conversation, slang, figures of speech, broken syntax but articles for submission cannot carry all such things. The article for submission has to go through editorial approval, most editors appreciate formal articles, plus the audience is totally new so you cannot use contractions or abbreviations to simplify words. Recheck your article before submission, read loudly, if you find anything awkward correct it there. The article should be free of spelling or grammatical errors to get approved by the publishers.

Another important point that should be kept in mind is that you should not link to other sites in the article body. You can add as many links in your blog post as you want but it cannot be done for article submissions. Publishers have certain rules regarding the links so try to write the content that is not dependent on other sources.
Hope you have find it useful. What are your thoughts on it?

Why WordPress is worth giving a shot
Whenever one thinks of creating a website or blog, the first option that comes to mind is WordPress. You are well aware why the platform is so popular among developers and website owners. The CMS started off as a personal publishing system but gained popularity for being more than just a blogging platform. WordPress throws unlimited design opportunities in your way. It lets you create websites, customize themes, make pages, add videos and manage media assets easily. Now if you are looking for some more reasons to choose WordPress for your new site, then read carefully.

Search Engine Friendly
The most unique feature of WordPress is its search readiness. The default installation of the CMS is already quite search friendly, so any website can get top positions in search engine ranking with just a little optimization.

No need to learn coding
There is no need to learn coding for using WordPress, it is user friendly, easy to use and highly recommended for novice or newbie designers. Web designers who have little knowledge of HTML and CSS, can create magic with WordPress. If you want to get great results, it’s better to acquire at least a little knowledge of them.

Clients love it
Wordpress increases your clientele because many people prefer it for building their site. You can also make money by teaching the client how can they manage the site themselves. If they are new to the platform, educate them how to publish blog posts, add photos, videos, plug-ins and make technical modifications.

Manage your site from anywhere
Wordpress gives the power to control the website virtually. You can publish blog posts, edit or add web pages from anywhere in the world via a browser. You can even use your smartphone for managing the site.

Free of cost
With all the other qualities, WordPress is open source and free of cost. It is absolutely successful and has grown from a handful of fans to an enlarged community. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg for maintenance unlike Drupal and Joomla.
If you haven’t tried WordPress for your site, then consider it for the new one. The platform is easy, fast, secure, cost-effective and constantly evolving with alluring features.

Facebook introduces PMD Center
Yes PMD, the Preferred Marketing Developer program which was introduced by Facebook in April 2012 has gone a step ahead. The social conglomerate has launched Preferred Marketing Developer Center to help marketers in social marketing and advertising by offering directories of companies they need.

The PMD Center offer company profile pages, case studies, white papers and other links to help developers and marketers make the right choice from the horde of companies. With the growing competition in the area, it is difficult to surf the web and choose the perfect company that provides Facebook advertising, analytics, competitive analysis, monitoring, promotions, publishing. PMD Center addresses this issue and bring all companies to one platform.

The Preferred Marketing Developer Center also has an integrated contact form to let social marketers reach the individual Preferred Marketing Developer or submit an RFP to various retailers. Facebook has added every company to the new directory, even those who are not registered as PMDs. Facebook has added every company to the new directory, even those who are not registered as PMDs. The Center enables social media marketers to browse companies by category or by their specialty.

Now there is no need beg the social giant for a change in directory, the new PMD Center hand over this control to developers. Now they can update the profile pages, upload new white papers, case studies themselves via self-serve dashboard.

PMD Center is inspired from Facebook apps and gaming directory, App Center that was announced in the middle of the year. Both uses visuals and rotating content to attract users and help them explore their favorite things. The new PMD Center will replace the original PMD Program and directory built by the UK social media agency this year.

SEO Metrics that help you outshine
SEO dubai industry has changed a lot during the last two years, people say Google Panda and Penguin are responsible for that. Sure they are, but they are not alone– Search Plus Your World introduced by Google earlier this year also played an important role in this evolution.

Search+ personalizes the search results and let users see the photos, posts, and search history of their friends, all they have to do is sign in via Google+ account. SEO experts have to check the following metrics to win the ranking battle.

Average Ranking
Search+ is helpful for both surfers and SEO practitioners. It offers quality search results to users and various tools to SEO experts for managing their site. One such tool is Average ranking, it enables SEO professionals to check the links that can be seen by Google. The average ranking report can be shown to client whenever he demands.

Impressions, which were important in the old days and was used to find the conversion rate, have become vital once again. They tell us how our pages are showing up for the comparative search term. In order to design an effective and ethical SEO strategy you have to dig out what type of content is seen, where, by whom and how often.

Visitor growth
Visitor growth is the other factor that needs to be checked regularly. It can be accessed from Google Analytics and is easy to understand. It demonstrates a graph- upward trend shows the visitors increase and downward trend means a failure.

Conversion rates can also be viewed from Analytics. It tells that how many visitors are actually performing the tasks you want. The report helps you determine why and where are people leaving your site. This will improve your conversion rates.

Exact Match
Just go to the Google analytics and check out the exact match, you will find it exactly like PPC exact match. The report is useful for those who are planning a rebrand.

We hope these metrics will help you outshine. Good Luck!

Strategies to boost Customer retention
Customers are important for every brand and business, they are the most effective evaluation meter to calculate their performance. Getting new consumers and keeping the old ones is crucial so we are here to talk about how to boost customer retention. Have a look are the tips.

Send Emails
Email and newsletter marketing is an effective way to connect with customers directly, you can stay in touch with them via email database. Brands use this medium to formulate a personalized campaign that a subscriber wants to read. You can also send promotional offers and discounts to inform the customer about your latest offering. This personal communication will boost customer’s trust, loyalty and strengthen the bond of relationship.

Get connected on social media
Social media foster a close relationship between a brand and users. While you can use it for marketing your products and services, it serves the best in building emotional bond and customer engagement. You can interact with your consumers, answer their queries, know likes and dislikes. Regular engagement on social media also boost customer retention.

Reward your customers
Customers like to be rewarded for their devotion. Design loyalty programs and offer rewards to customers for their regular engagement. The rewards can be in the form of gifts, coupons, or special discounts. Fans appreciate these efforts and continue to support the brands.

Great customer service
Customer service helps in sustaining a healthy relationship between customers and brands. People often seek customer service when they are stuck in a problem, so if they are helped politely and guided in the right way, they will stick to your brand. Many annoyed customers turn to social media to register their complaints so you can also provide customer services there.

Apply these simple tricks and keep consumers by your side.

How site structure affects SEO
SEO is considered to be a set of technical tricks for maximizing the organic rankings, but these tricks alone cannot take the site to top position- site’s underlying structure also plays a vital role in it. The structure of the website can help or harm your SEO efforts, it enables search engines to find your website, understand it and index the relevant content. So if you want to make your site search friendly, take care of the following elements.

Site Navigation
Pay special attention to site navigation when you are structuring or restructuring your website. The step which should be given high importance is neglected by many people. Don’t make this mistake, make sure that search engines can easily crawl the pages. Webpages that are built with flash or Javascript entirely, may appear good to users but they are not readable by search engines. XHTML and CSS are appropriate for navigation structure.

Internal Linking
Internal linking also plays a vital role but luckily getting started with it is not difficult as the site structure. You have to connect the pages that contain relevant information so that search engine can easily understand what is related and what is not. Experts say an ideal internal linking structure should look like a pyramid, the main page should be linked to the small sections or sub pages.

URL Structure
Be very careful about the URL structure, not only of your homepage but also for the internal pages. Each page should have a short URL that describes the content. If possible, make the URL structure guessable so that people can discuss it with their friends easily.

Duplicate content
The problem with dynamic URLs is that they generate the same content on different pages, this confuses search engine in indexing the page and can even penalize your site for duplication. Also avoid additional URLs on the page.

A site structure is just like the foundation of house. If you want a strong house, you have to build the foundation stronger. Similarly, make your site structure safe and smart and allow search engines and users to find it easily.

Strategy or Fancy Tactics: What to choose for SEO
Google’s algorithm updates have destroyed many small businesses and websites- but should Google be blamed for it? No, its their poor SEO tactics that have made them deserve Google’s backlash. Poor SEO tactics compel the search giant to release its monsters for slapping the low-quality or spamming sites and taking the deserving one on top. A well planned SEO strategy is the need of time, an online business cannot survive without it. So instead of wasting time in getting top position with spamming trick, design long term strategies for increasing the traffic.

Think about how can you make business stable in the long run? Before you start designing the strategy, refresh your goal- ask yourself what do you want? Top position in search results for a while or a stable position in search engine for long term?

Every target is achieved with different planning and strategies. Pay attention and design the strategy that leads to success. If you need guidance, seek an expert advice. Discuss the problems with SEO friends, innovative ideas come out with healthy discussion.

Make a list of strategies that benefit you in future, even if they don’t give positive results instantly, keep following them. They are way better than fad SEO tricks that give immediate SEO results but penalize the site later. Remember, an air balloon or airplane can take you to the sky but cannot let you stay there for long. If you want to land there, build a strong ladder that goes to the sky. Of course it will take time but vanishes your fear of falling and hitting the ground.

Importance of SEO writing
Search Engine optimization, alone can not take your site to high-listing position on search engine- your site needs some more fuel to reach that spot. SEO content writing work as the energizer that prepares your site for the severe competition ahead. Don’t you want to shoot higher? If so, let’s get started.

Before you start working on SEO writing, you need to analyze your competitors, their approach towards SEO and how competitive your keywords are. Your performing keywords may include both high and low competitive keywords. Start working on both of them, highly competitive keywords will give desired results in the long term, whereas low competitive keywords will give results immediately.

Meta Data Tips
Now when you have counted your competitors, don’t get upset if they are more than you have imagined. Many of such sites lack in quality Meta content, so you can easily beat them by the focusing on the features mentioned below.

Meta Data
It is an information file lying in the head section of HTML pages which tells the Google spider about your site before they scan it themselves. The section is viewed by search engine robots but they jump to scan the body section below it, the head section gets invisible from the page.

Title tags
It is one of the important feature that is used by search engines for listing your web page. Be very careful while writing it and don’t forget to add powerful keywords in it. Many experts believe that it should not exceed more than 59 characters while others think character limitation is not important.

Description Tag
It is a small description that appears below the title tags. Make the most of this space by describing your web page and adding keywords. Don’t use more than 160 characters in Description Tag.

Keyword Tag
This is an optional feature, many websites use it while others don’t. If there is no harm in using anything, you should give it a try. Add three to five keywords in this section and separate them with commas. They will boost your visibility.

Hope you will follow these tips. If you know some useful tricks, share them with us.

Tricks to get success in SEO
Sure you know about the SEO trends that will live and die in the next year. SEO experts– the choice is yours, you have to select the techniques for your 2013 playbook. Here are the secret tips that will help you get successful as an SEO expert.

Forget about the CTR
Google will continue to promote its products for making money, so Google plus, YouTube Listing Ads and Google Local will be seen playing a vital role in improving your online visibility and organic click-through rates will affect the SERPs less.

Focus on Conversion Rates
The biggest focus of a website owner is on conversion rates, so if you are eyeing to become an SEO expert divert your attention towards conversion rates instead of traffic. Marketers have tested many paid solutions to make the most out of the bucks, the cost per click is continuously rising so CRO will determine the organic performance.

Add Rich snippets in SERPs
Rich snippets have been very helpful for users, they provide users accurate information about the page without visiting it. Rich snippets have been in the spotlight this year and is expected to play a bigger role in the forthcoming year. They will get an increased click through rates from organic search.

Be prepared- SEO prices will hike
Many people underrate the connection between Panda and Penguin algorithm updates. Both algorithm made it clear that good content is the backbone of good SEO. As most link building techniques are based on content, they have made content the super king. The demand for high quality content has increased the rates of writing which will continue with the upcoming algorithm update.

Educate yourself, SEO will be hard to master
Google’s strict algorithm updates are increasing the importance of SEO day by day. You have seen an incline in SEO jobs have you wondered why? This is because companies lack educated and trained SEO staff. With the impending year, not only SEO strategies but highly educated employees will also be given importance by SEO department.

SEO Strategies that take a few minutes
SEO Campaigns need lots of time and hard work especially if you are designing it for the first time. Wouldn’t it be great if you are given some simple tactics and tips to incorporate into your SEO and make it consume less time? It would be. So we are here to tell you about some easy SEO tricks that only takes 15 minutes or less.

Review Your Robots.txt File
If you want to check out the content that are not visible to the search engine then check the robots.txt file on your site, you will get to see pages and images that can draw you traffic. There are many tools available for scanning the site, use any of them and check out the pages that are excluded from meta robots tag. Irrelevant tagged pages or robots.txt files are developer’s fault.

Review Organic CTR by Page
The second most important SEO tip is to check out the click through rates per page and optimize the title and meta description of the poor pages. The CTR data is provided on the landing page whereas the keywords are displayed in Google Analytics account. If some of your pages are facing high bounce rates then you have the chance to revise the mistakes and improve your bounce rates. To check it out do some tests or visit Traffic Sources-Search Engine Optimization-Landing Pages section from Google Analytics account.

Review Your Viral Page
Use different tools to see your viral or most linked page. If there is a problem on that page, or it needs a permanent redirect, fix it right away and regain the link value on the page.

Review your site for Duplicate Element
Duplicate content is harmful for site, so check these elements from Webmaster Tools. This will give you an insight of your site and let you know where it needs modification. Delete the duplicate pages and rectify the bad title element structure.

Review Link Targets in Site Navigation
If you want to deal with duplicate content on default pages more effectively, check your links from main, footer, breadcrumb and other navigation. Links should be revised and the pages should be redirected to the absolute pages.

How to increase visibility at LinkedIn
LinkedIn is a great social network but the importance of building profile is often underestimated. If you want to get the most out of this platform, you have to build a powerful profile there. Here are the tips that will increase your visibility at LinkedIn.

Set your goal
You can never win unless you know your destination. So, ask yourself why do you want to build the profile, is it because you want to do marketing or build a strong network? Listen to your mind, you should know your goals before getting started.

Select the keywords
Once the target is clear you have to choose the keywords that tells a user about yourself. Keywords can be selected according to your business, location where you provide the services, target audience etc. Find out at least 10 to 20 keywords and then add them at all the important points like titles, URLs, summary also.

Highlight your strengths
Everyone in this world does not know that you are skillful, you have to tell them about it. Let people know about your strengths, highlight your work experiences, skills and expertise in the URL, Headline and summary. Give special attention when writing the summary and skills, these brief description helps in building your brand.

Target market strategy
Here comes the tough part- creating the strategy for the target audience. Make a list of things that you have promised, consider people’s expectations, demands, pains and build a real path leading to it.

Do you have a powerful LinkedIn profile? What tips would you give to the beginners.

Five Icon Sets you will love
Everyone loves to dig the web for amazing icon sets and Apple fanatics are no exception. If you count yourself among Apple fans you are in luck! We are here with an overview of five remarkable and free icon sets. Get more details from the web pages if you find them interesting.

Mac USB Icons
As the name suggests, this icon set is available for Mac as USB plugs. All the symbols of this set can be downloaded in as ICN and PNG formats under specific conditions. If you want to use the symbols as PNGs you will get a variety of sizes, however ICN format is available in only one size i.e. 256×256 px.

PoleStack is another outstanding icon set comprising of three sets- the first set has symbols in solid black whereas the second set has icons like the chalkboard, and the third set has wood-made symbols. The icons are available as PNGs, PSDs and ICNs in 512×512 sizes. It is free to download personal use but you have to pay for using it commercially. The icon set is designed by Delta Nine who calls himself a non-professional designer.

Appicns contain hordes of colorful and amazing icons including icons of chrome, Firefox, Skype etc. The icon set is neither free to use nor you have to shell out the bucks on it. Don’t think a lot, it means you have to tweet about the icons in order to download the zip package for using them. The amazing icon set is created by Kara and Andrew McCarthy.

Wooden Slick Drives
If you like wood texture then Wooden Slick Drives is going to woo you for sure. The set is created by Thrasos Varnava, a deviantArtist and contains all symbols in 512×512 px size. Every symbol is available as ICNS and PNG and they are free to use under terms and conditions.

Totem Pole Icons
Designed by Talos Tsui, Totem Pole Icons is a set of graceful high quality icons that are free to download for non-commercial use.

Do you know any other fabulous icon set? If so let us know in the comments below.

Facebook Password vulnerability fixed
Ahh, Facebook has annoyed everyone at least once in lifetime due to its security breach. Just when we were praising the social giant for introducing amazing features in Ad tool, we got to know about the Facebook password bug. If you have gotten worried from this vulnerability, just take a chill the issue has been addressed. Those who are wondering about the full story, Facebook met huge criticism a day back when Sow Ching Shiong, a researcher found a security flaw which allow anyone to rest Facebook password. The problem enables anyone to change password from Facebook.com/hacked without entering the current password. The security vulnerability was then reported to Facebook via White Hats program. Facebook took immediate measures and fixed the flaw in no time. So FB bees, flush all the worries aside, your password is absolutely secure. Now, if a user will visit the URL he won’t be taken to the username.

If you want to get more secure on the social network, read the tips from here. Tell us, why such security issues on Facebook arise so often? What should be done to avoid these silly bugs in future?

Things to add in Link building campaign
Link Building is not all boring and hard, but sometimes it is exactly that. Like when you don’t know how and from where to get quality links. Many companies are working on the same link building campaign but they hardly share any information with each other. Is it a good thing? Absolutely not, then who is responsible for that? Well responsibility lies on both the client and the company, the client has to share relevant information with the company whereas the company has to strive for it as well. In order to get quality links you have to take care of the following points.

Pay Per Click
If you want to get an instant boost in traffic, PPC is the right choice for you. You just have to spend some dollars, build links and enjoy hordes of new visitors at your site. Before you make a hasty decision, note that the links you get from PPC will draw lots of traffic to your site but they have a short life. Provide quality and memorable content, focus on internal page visibility so if the users (bloggers) coming to your site find something interesting they can give you a backlink.

Social Media
Social media is an effective tool for promoting your content and get links from them. It enables you to engage with fellow bloggers and share guest posts with them. The links build from social media are tricky to measure so ensure that your social media team are updated with the latest trends and every piece of content has social media buttons for easy sharing.

Technical SEO
If you don’t want to get caught in serious problem then use the 301 redirects to send non-www version to www version of the site. If you won’t perform the redirects both versions of your site will be indexed. Make a habit of testing each page containing inbound links, to identify 404 errors and fix them immediately.

Add these points to your link building campaign and let us know if you have some interesting points to share.